How to Know if You’re Banned on Roblox Mobile? (Explained)

how to know if you're banned on roblox mobile
how to know if you’re banned on roblox mobile

What does it mean when you’re banned on Roblox mobile? First, it’s important to note that Roblox doesn’t just automatically ban you in the sense of suspending your account permanently. Instead, being banned on mobile means, you won’t be able to access your account while using the Roblox app on iOS or Android devices (iPhones, iPads, and Android phones).

Banned users can still play with their accounts via the web browser version of Roblox or by playing games through the computer. We’ll review some ways to know how you’re banned on Roblox mobile.

How to Know if You’re Banned on Roblox Mobile?

The first sign that you’re banned is obvious: You can’t log in. But not all bans are created equal, and other signs of being banned aren’t so clear-cut. Read on for tips about these signs, plus steps you can take to resolve your ban and get back online.

Before we get into why you might be banned, it’s essential to know whether or not you’re restricted in the first place. Banned users cannot log into their account from a mobile device and can only use an alternate IP address for access. If your username violates any of Roblox’s TOS, you may want to assume that you are banned.

To know if you’re banned or not; all you have to do is briefly log out of your Roblox account and then log back in. A notification about the blocking will show up on your screen if you are not blocked. The time or day is also listed in the blocking notification so you can determine how long your Roblox account has been suspended. Additionally, offences that you have committed will also be revealed.

When you play Roblox, a message indicating that your account is being used simultaneously on another device will show up on your screen. This is another way to determine if you have been banned from Roblox. Even though they only employ one gadget, this will undoubtedly confuse players. It’s conceivable that another player used your account.

By going into your Profile, clicking on account, and then Blocked Users, you can see a list of all users who have blocked you. Make sure you don’t confuse blocked users with banned users, as they are two different things. Blocked users are just that: they cannot message or invite you to places, but they can still like and comment on something you make.

If you suspect that you’ve been banned from playing a specific game in Roblox, we also offer an alternate way for you to check. If your username is no longer visible when accessing the said game through your mobile device, your account has been banned. There are ways around it, though, so don’t worry! Contact customer support, and they can help you get into your account safely and quickly.


Because everyone’s situation is different, there isn’t one way to get unbanned from ROBLOX. Some players are permanently banned and will never be able to play again. If you think Roblox wrongfully banned you (e.g., your account was hacked), you can submit a ticket at their official website. The only thing you can do from here is waiting for a response and follow any instructions that Roblox gives you.

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