4 Steps To Resolve Roblox Mouse Stuck In Middle Screen

roblox mouse stuck in middle of screen
roblox mouse stuck in middle of screen

If you play online games, you’ve probably had to deal with the Roblox mouse being stuck in the middle of the screen problem at least once before. It’s incredibly frustrating and something that all Roblox users will have to experience at some point or another when they play games like Meep City, Apocalypse Rising, and Escape the Island. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to fix this annoying Roblox mouse problem!

How to Fix Roblox Mouse Stuck In Middle Screen?

1. What is the Problem?

Usually, the mouse getting stuck in the middle of the screen has to do with the game itself, but sometimes your computer or the mouse itself could have some problems with it. If your mouse is working ideally outside of Roblox, chances are it’s the issue with your Roblox. It’s scarce for the windows to conflict with Roblox settings, so that is out of the equation. Other than that, if you launch the game and immediately your mouse cursor gets stuck in the middle of the screen, don’t worry; we’re here to troubleshoot this problem briefly.

2. Restarting the Game

We are starting our step-by-step troubleshooting guide with a relatively easy fix. Restarting the game completely has fixed this issue for many users. So, if you encounter this problem, hit ALT + F4 immediately, and relaunch your game. If it doesn’t fix, the cursor Is stuck in the same position. Then, follow the subsequent fixes.

3. Gliding the mouse

  • When it gets stuck in the middle of the screen, it’s not like you’ll wait it out; it gets stuck permanently until you do something. You won’t be able to play or do anything. To fix this issue, all you have to do is hold down your space bar
  • Press left-click on your mouse, then try to glide the mouse, and the cursor will get unstuck, and it’ll fix the problem temporarily.
  • However, it’ll get stuck again when you let go of the space bar and left-click.

Many users have reported that there’s no permanent fix, just a temporary one to get by this problem.

4. Using Shift Lock Switch

Sometimes, the mouse gets stuck in the middle of the screen during the game, out of nowhere. It isn’t very pleasant, but this is a relatively easy fix. To fix this,

  • go to settings
  • Shift Lock Switch
  • turn it ON if Off. After enabling it, go back to the game and lock on the guy; now, disable the shift lock, and that’s it.


Troubleshooting this issue is relatively easy; always start with restarting your game or PC; it’ll eliminate the time to figure out what to do. If it doesn’t solve your problem, move on to the following popular fix that has worked for many people. Lastly, exploring the web will hit you with several other solutions, so it’s always better to wander about on the internet before surrendering.

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