4 Fixes To Roblox Mobile Camera Glitch

roblox mobile camera glitch
roblox mobile camera glitch

If you’re anything like me, you probably play some Roblox games on your smartphone or tablet. I have found the mobile app to be an incredibly convenient way to enjoy the game when I’m on the go, but as with most platforms, there are some bugs and glitches that can interrupt your gaming experience. If you’ve ever experienced a camera glitch while playing on your phone or tablet, fear not—there are ways to fix it! Let’s look at one possible fix that could help you in no time!

Fixing Roblox Mobile Camera Glitch:

1. The Camera Glitch and What is it?

This short guide will go over some steps to help you how to fix Roblox mobile camera glitches. The mobile version of Roblox is often unpolished; on release, the mobile Roblox version was full of bugs and glitches; as more people made a transition from PC to mobile, they ultimately found ways to fix them, including the infamous camera glitches that pop up now and then. There might be multiple camera glitches, and we’ll give a possible solution in this troubleshooting article.

2. Inverted Camera turned on

There’s a camera glitch on mobile almost everyone has come across. It’s the inverted camera glitch. Even if you’ve turned that option off, it sometimes still occurs out of nowhere; well, all you have to do is

  • go to settings
  • Camera Inverted
  • Turn it Off; if you had it off already,
  • Try turning it on and off.

3. Camera Glitches When Using Three Fingers

In most cases, this fixes the problem, and you’ll be good to go. Players have encountered another issue: the camera gets stuck permanently if you run three fingers on your touchscreen. Using the pad works fine, but it gets stuck in one position after touching three fingers. To fix this camera glitch, all you have to do is

  • go to Settings
  • Mode and only use a joystick, don’t use the default joystick. Otherwise, it’ll cause this camera glitch.
  • After using the joystick option only, restart your game, and once you get back in the game,
  • it’ll fix the issue altogether.

4. Switching Games

While in-game, many players experience camera glitches of different sorts, it has been reported that switching the games usually fixes the problem. It’s one of the most straightforward fixes one can do. If switching between the games doesn’t work, you can close your game and restart. Most of the time, it fixes the bugs and glitches related to the camera or other things. Lastly, if closing and reopening your game didn’t fix it, try checking for Roblox updates, if any are available. If not, then uninstall your game and then reinstall.


Camera Glitches have been a part of Roblox mobile for quite some time now; if you come across one, try to do the most straightforward steps first. Usually, the problem is somewhat solved easily without getting into the complex stuff. From the easy part, then gradually increasing the complexity of the troubleshooting step.

It’s best if you go through forums and Reddit if the mainstream troubleshooting steps don’t work for you.

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