Overwatch What Does Zarya Say When She Ults?

overwatch what does zarya say when she ults
overwatch what does zarya say when she ults

Overwatch consists of 31 different characters with more being added from time to time to keep fans from getting bored of the game any time soon. All of these characters have their separate backstories, ethnicities, cultures, and traditions.

The character roster consists of characters from all over the world, from France to India, and even outer space, not to mention robots that have their own personalities. The game stays true to the characters’ backstories and nationalities and doesn’t take away much from there culture and tradition. Each character speaks mostly in their native tongue and wears traditional clothing, common or traditional in their homeland.

One character in particular that stays true to her culture is Zarya. The patriotic Russian is ready to fight to the death for her country and will stop at nothing to keep Russia safe from the omnic threat. Zarya makes her love for her motherland quite clear whenever she interacts with another character. Any interactions with omnic characters show how hostile she is toward them, even Genji who she does not trust because he is part machine.

Almost all of her voice lines are in Russian except for interactions with characters as they obviously have to be English for others to understand. Although this is a good detail it does mean that most players can not understand what she’s saying, which leads to most of her dialogue unexplained and not understood by most players.

Although the newly added subtitles option in the game translates this text, some people feel uncomfortable turning them on as they believe it could distract them which is true.

What Does Zarya Say When She Ults In Overwatch?

One of the most common questions regarding Zarya is what is she saying when she uses her ultimate. When rarely calling on her ultimate in English she says the fire at will, but more commonly, when she calls it in Russian, she speaks what sounds to most players as gibberish. Her Russian ultimate call can be translated to something similar to her English ultimate call.

Russian text: Огонь по готовности

Written in English: ogon po gotovnasti

Translation: Fire is ready

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