4 Ways To Fix League of Legends Emotes Not Working

league of legends emotes not working
league of legends emotes not working

League of Legends is one of the most famous games in the MMORPG genre of the gaming world. The developers of this game ensured the interest of gamers by introducing different inside-game features.

These features enhance the gaming experience of the players by providing them with real-world experience, as these features involve live streaming, inside-game messaging, skins for your characters, and different kinds of emotes to express your feelings. However, some players faced issues as League of Legends emotes do not work. If you are also one of those then the following guideline will help you to solve the issue, which we have prepared after extensive research. We advise you to go through all the steps that are mentioned to get effective results.

League of Legends Emotes Not Working

There may be different ways to solve the League of Legends emotes not working issue, but we have listed the most effective way below.

  1. This issue can easily be solved just by visiting the lobby of your game. Once you are there, you would see some options that will help you enable emotes.
  2. In the lobby, you would see an option of emotes. By clicking on this option, you would visit another window. In this window, you would have to select the Emotes that you want to use during the game.
  3. In case, you want to load emotes during the game then it could be done through T key. This will help you to open the list of emotes on the same page because of which you will be able to use emotes without pausing the game.
  4. Instead of using button T key, you could also open emotes by changing the default button to one of the buttons on your mouse.

What If Emotes Do Not Work Even After Following the Above-Mentioned Steps?

It is quite likely for emotes to not work even after following the above-mentioned steps. This may occur because of the following reasons.

Reason 1: Update is Required

The developers of a game introduce new updates to introduce new features, solve bugs of the previous version, or introduce new ways to perform a task. Therefore, if you are not able to solve the issue by following the above-mentioned steps then you should first update the game to install new features. This will most probably solve the issue.

Reason 2: Game File May Be Corrupt

Sometimes the game does not work as expected because of the virus attack on the files of the game. This may be the reason for your issue. Therefore, if this were the case then you would need to remove the game files from your system. After that, you should install Anti-virus software. Once you are sure that the virus has been removed then re-installation of the game will solve the issue.


It can be seen that if League of Legends emotes is not working then there is a huge chance that by following the guideline mentioned above, you would be able to solve the issue. On the other hand, if it does not solve the issue then you would need to check for the latest update or reinstall the corrupt or deleted files.

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