How to Increase Mouse Size In League of Legends? (Explained)

how to increase mouse size in league of legends
how to increase mouse size in league of legends

If you are an avid player of League of Legends, you should have an idea about just how important your mouse cursor can be. Speaking of which, users have been asking around about whether it is possible to change the mouse size in their game.

If you are wondering the same thing and wish to know more about how to change the mouse size in League of Legends, then we recommend that you keep on reading! We have listed all the information that you will need about whether you can do it and how.

How to Change Mouse Size In League of Legends?

With a recent update that rolled out in LoL, the mouse cursor has changed to something new which most users didn’t seem to like. However, another addition to the update was giving players the option to customize their cursor.

If you just wish to change the mouse cursor back to how it used to be, you will just have to press the Escape button on your keyboard and access the Interface tab inside game options. To change the cursor, ensure that you check the “Activate Legacy Cursor”.

However, if you also wish to change the physical size of your cursor with it, then you will have to access the Pointer Size option after accessing game options. Here, you should be able to see a slider through which you can adjust the size of the cursor.

Once you have found the perfect size for the cursor, simply save these settings. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you can also change your game’s HUD if you don’t seem to like it.

Setting a Custom Cursor

Apart from changing the cursor size, you can also set a custom cursor in your game. For this, you will have to first find the cursor that you wish to use using the internet. After you have found the perfect 3D mouse cursor, download and save it.

Try opening the RADS folder found inside the game directory and open the Solutions > LoL_Game_client_sin > Releases.

Now, you should see a folder with various numbers indicating the version. Try finding the Deploy, Data, and Images folder. Under the images folder, there should be a UI folder. Ensure that you paste your cursor file inside here. Also, make sure that you name this file “Hand1”. Once you do this, you should now have your own custom cursor.

The Bottom Line:

How to increase mouse size in League of Legends? Above, we have mentioned details on how you can change your cursor size to how you’d like along with the steps needed to set up your own custom cursor in-game. So, if you want to learn any of this, ensure that you go through the instructions listed in the article.

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