HyperX Cloud 2 vs Logitech G633 – Which Suits You?

hyperx cloud 2 vs logitech g633
hyperx cloud 2 vs logitech g633

It’s never an easy choice to have to choose between two options when it comes to picking the right headgear. To truly enjoy your gaming experience, you have to make sure that your headset fills in all the basics while managing to deliver great audio quality.

That being said, one of the biggest comparisons that you will see in the gaming community is regarding the HyperX Cloud 2 vs Logitech G633. Even though both of these are highly regarded as being a solid headset, here are all the key aspects of both these products which should help you choose between them:

HyperX Cloud 2 vs Logitech G633 Comparison

1. Comfort and Build Quality

When you are first using either one of these headsets, the first thing that you will notice is just how comfortable these are to wear. Even if you are planning to wear them for an extended period of time, you can easily wear them for hours before your ears get tired.

However, it is worth mentioning that the HyperX Cloud 2 might be a little more comfortable as these are lightweight in general and have plush ear covers. Compared to it, you can also expect to get great comfort when using the Logitech G633, just not as much as the HyperX.

When it purely boils down to build quality, both are exceptionally well made. Though as mentioned above, the lighter weight on the HyperX Cloud 2 really helps make all the difference for your comfort.

2. Design and Aesthetics

Another thing that you are bound to notice on these headsets is just how good-looking both of these are in general. Not only do they come with a great aesthetic design, but these are also great in particular for those of you who care what their gaming rig looks like.

Though this will purely depend on the personal preference of users as both the headsets have completely different designs. The oval-shaped ear cups on the headset along with a blend of red-black color on the HyperX Cloud 2 make them look fantastic for any gaming rig. In contrast, the Logitech G633 spans a mix of black and blue colors with a kind of a rectangular design on the ear cups. If we’re being completely honest, we liked the design on both these headsets but seemed to prefer the HyperX Cloud 2 more.

3. Audio Quality

While being one of the main factors when it comes to choosing a headset, it’s a pretty close call when we are comparing both these headsets against each other. Both the options manage to deliver all the essentials and come equipped with stereo surround sound.

Though one thing that you should keep in mind regarding the HyperX Cloud 2 is that they seem to lack a bit of bass. In cases where you will hear gunfire, explosions, or even car engines during gameplay, the bass won’t be able to give you a truly next-gen experience. Still, the bass is decent enough to get you by.

On the other hand, while the Logitech G633 has good bass, it still isn’t anywhere near something perfect. One major concern that users have is that the HyperX Cloud 2 does not seem to have any software for giving users control over their audio. Compared to this, the Logitech G633 comes with pretty good software that can be used to control and tune most of the things in your headset.

The Bottom Line:

Comparing HyperX Cloud 2 vs Logitech G633, there’s no denying that both these headsets are extremely good. However, if you are struggling with choosing the better option between the two, then we recommend that you go for the HyperX Cloud 2.

Not only does the headset feature a better sound quality, but you will be getting much better comfort thanks to their build quality and lightweight design. Even though you won’t be getting dedicated software to tune the headset, these manage to sound pretty good right out of the box.

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