3 Things To Do If League of Legends Quit Unexpectedly On Mac

As League of Legends is leading the gaming industry in various aspects, therefore, its developers have developed different versions so it can be supported by different operating systems. Some of them are Widows, Mac, etc. There can be cases when the game might run well on one platform but not on the other one.  The … Read more

4 Ways To Fix League of Legends Emotes Not Working

League of Legends is one of the most famous games in the MMORPG genre of the gaming world. The developers of this game ensured the interest of gamers by introducing different inside-game features. These features enhance the gaming experience of the players by providing them with real-world experience, as these features involve live streaming, inside-game … Read more

5 Quick Solutions To Bugsplat Error League of Legends

Bugsplat is one of the most common types of error that you can end up running into while playing League of Legends. This typically occurs when you are launching the game and results in a crash. As a result, it can be quite annoying to deal with this. Still, if you get this error popped … Read more