3 Steps To Solve League of Legends See More Stats Not Working

league of legends see more stats not working
league of legends see more stats not working

The league of Legends is an online video game that came in 2009 and was developed by Riot. If we talk about video games, League of Legends is one of the most popular ones in the gaming industry. In it, different teams comprised of five players compete with each other. The team with the best strategy and planning wins.

However, sometimes the players face League of Legends and see more stats not working issue. Many players of League of Legends complained about it. If you are also one of those and you are facing the same problem then this guideline will prove to be very helpful for you.

League of Legends See More Stats Not Working

The problem of stats is one of the most common problems for LoL players. The first thing from which the problem of stats can be caused is having a bad internet connection when you are playing the game. The other biggest reason for seeing more stats not working issue can be the huge traffic of players at the same time.

How to Solve This Issue?

Most of the time players get annoyed by having a see more stats problem. It is because when you open the stats it shows you a black screen. After that, the app crashes immediately, which irritates the players. Therefore, in the following paragraph, we have listed some of the most effective solutions.

Fix 1:

If the see more stats is not working then you should restart your game. It is quite likely that the issue will be resolved after restarting.

Fix 2:

Another possible reason that can cause see more stat issue is your internet connection. It is quite likely on a slower internet you would not be able to see the stats. To solve the issue you would need to restart your internet device or change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Fix 3:

The third and most prominent reason that can cause this issue is huge traffic. So what happens is sometimes a huge amount of players play this game simultaneously, which can:

  • Cause the game to load slowly,
  • Result in the non-functionality of in-game features,
  • Cause the server to break down.

If you see any of these signs then you should know that huge traffic is causing this issue. The scary part is that the players cannot do anything about it. You would need to wait until the developers solve the issue.


By following, all the methods mentioned above if you still face this problem, then you should contact the technical support of League of Legends. It is quite likely that they will resolve your issue. In your complaint, you need to just tell them about the problem you are facing. I hope that the developers will take quick action against your complaint.

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