League of Legends Keyboard Not Working? Look Out for These 3 Causes

League of Legends Keyboard Not Working
League of Legends Keyboard Not Working

League of Legends is one of the most played MMORPG games. Its popularity is because of the in-game features provided to its players. Though games like these require you to control the characters on your screen through peripherals. It can be a joystick, keyboard, mouse, or combo of any two. Similarly, most gamers prefer a keyboard and mouse for playing League of Legends.

However, some of them have faced issues like the League of Legends keyboard not working. If you were also one of those players then by going through the following guideline you would be able to troubleshoot the issue.

League of Legends Keyboard Not Working

There can be many reasons contributing to this issue but after extensive research, we have listed the most effective ways to troubleshoot the issue for you. So that you can start playing League of Legends once again. We would advise you to go through all the steps mentioned below in a step-by-step manner so you don’t miss out on any of these:

1. Drivers Can Cause This Issue

Device drivers are the main reason behind the functioning of peripherals. Therefore, to bring a device into a working condition you would need to download the drivers that are required to run that device. Similarly, if you are facing this issue while playing League of Legends, then there is a huge chance that the drivers are corrupt or need to be updated. You can download the drivers from an online website.

However, you need to be careful because most of the websites out there contain viruses that can prove to be harmful to your system. In most cases, when you attach a device whose drivers are not installed then the computer automatically notifies you to install a specific driver for that device or asks for permission so that the system automatically downloads it. Similarly, if some drivers need to be updated the computer notifies you to update them.

2. Configuration File

Another reason that can contribute to this issue is a fault in the configuration file. This can result in many ways but to solve this issue you just need to set the input to defaults. This can be done just by resetting the configuration file to factory settings. After doing this, it is quite likely that your issue will be resolved.

3. External Gaming Software

Most of the devices that are made functional through external software might cause issues. There can be many reasons but the most prominent one is that software that is developed from an unknown source might lack in quality. Therefore, to fix this issue you would first need to remove such software.  It is quite likely that after doing so, you would be able to solve it.


Although there can be many reasons that can result in the League of Legends keyboard not working issue, however, all of them can be easily solved just by following the guideline mentioned in the list above. If none of them solves the issue then you should contact the technical support of League of Legends.

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