Why Does My Mouse Sensitivity Keeps Changing In League of Legends? (4 Reasons)

why does my mouse sensitivity keeps changing league of legends
why does my mouse sensitivity keeps changing league of legends

Facing an issue when you are right in the middle of a competitive match can make up for some of the most frustrating things that you have to face. Talking about this, we have seen League of Legends players run into an issue where the mouse sensitivity will automatically change without any warning.

If you have also been wondering “Why does my sensitivity keeps changing” in League of Legends, then you have come to the right place! Here are all the things that you will need to know regarding the issue:

Why Does My Mouse Sensitivity Keeps Changing In League of Legends?

1. Changing Windows Mouse Cursor Settings

Most of the time, this happens when your Windows mouse cursor settings seem to collide with the setting that you have in-game. In such cases, your mouse sensitivity will change almost every time you try to start a new game.

To fix this, you can try adjusting your mouse cursor settings through Windows. First, ensure that you have hardware acceleration turned off. Afterward, you can adjust your mouse cursor speed to a specific value (5/11 or 6/11 is ideal in most cases).

2. Adjusting Mouse Profiles

As your mouse may have multiple DPI profiles, there’s a good chance that your mouse DPI keeps on changing because of which your sensitivity gets affected. To fix this, we recommend that you try keeping a single DPI profile set on your mouse.

This way, you shouldn’t face any type of problem when you are attempting to play the game. Depending on the model of your mouse, you should be able to change this through your mouse’s utility software.

3. 3rd Party Program Interference

Another thing that could be changing your mouse’s sensitivity is a 3rd part program. A common example of such software would be the Razer Boost. In either case, we strongly advise that you don’t use any such software that is supposed to tamper with any of your game settings.

4. Adjusting Game Files

The last thing that you can do is adjust your game files. Try accessing your game file found inside C:/RiotGames/League of Legends-config. Inside the file, you should see two options labeled game mouse speed and system mouse speed.

Try deleting the game mouse speed line to see if that does anything. If nothing seems to change, change it back to default. At this point, it is safer to try any other mouse as you could have either faulty drivers or a faulty mouse.

The Bottom Line:

Wondering why does my sensitivity keeps changing in League of Legends? As annoying as this can be, you should still be able to do something about it, especially if you follow all the instructions that have been listed above the article. Doing so should result in a quick fix.

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