3 Things To Do If HyperX QuadCast Sounds Muffled

hyperx quadcast sounds muffled
hyperx quadcast sounds muffled

Even while the HyperX QuadCast sounds great straight out of the box, you can enhance it even more with a few simple adjustments. These adjustments will help to improve the microphone quality and decrease unwanted noise and distortion. What if your HyperX Quadcast headset sounds great when you use it for gaming but isn’t as loud and clear as other people’s voice chats when you put it into Discord or another voice chat program? Many HyperX Quadcast owners have experienced this issue; thus, you are not alone. But there are fixes and troubleshooting steps that can help with this problem! Find out below how to fix HyperX QuadCast sounds muffled

How To Fix HyperX QuadCast Sounds Muffled?

Solutions For Resolving HyperX QuadCast Sounds Muffled:

As the majority of us aren’t YouTubers and streamers, several users have stated that after purchasing the Hyperx Quadcast mic, the only thing they cared about was checking it out on their computer or another device. Their stream or YouTube videos claim that they sound muffled as if someone is choking them or that their headset mic sounds much worse than it did before.

It seems clear that the problem stems from the Computer or Windows rather than the QuadCast itself. We’re going to discuss several solutions to assist you in resolving this problem so that your friends or co-workers won’t have to endure your awful voice.

1. Check the Input

First thing is to check what Input device is selected. For doing that, Go to Windows settings > Sounds > Input Device. Some users have reported that it showed them advanced USB audio devices rather than the mic’s name itself. It doesn’t matter though, but when you further go into properties, there’s a volume slider, usually, when you sound muffled, it has to do with that volume slider being set to 45 or 50. Crank that up to 80 or 90 and check to see if it fixed the issue or not.

2. Downloading NGenuity

If that didn’t solve it then try downloading the NGenuity app from the Microsoft store. download HyperX’s innovative software by going to the Microsoft Store link in the start menu. You may download and install this program for free by going to the shop. Start it up after installation. Thus, the firmware upgrades will be checked. Check to see whether you have the most recent firmware by opening the software and selecting Settings in the bottom left.

In that app, try looking for sound settings, this will open up all of the essential settings that you can tweak to your liking.

3. Trying Another PC

Lastly, taking your microphone to your friend’s house and plugging it into their computer should also be considered a last resort. At this point, the problem should stem from the HyperX QuadCast itself. So, it is always better to clear out the doubt before RMAing it to the retailer.


The preceding solutions will only marginally improve the voice on Discord; it won’t sound anything like the voice seen in YouTube videos and Twitch streams, but they will also decrease the Tin Can voice, which is a win-win scenario in and of itself. There are some odd hidden options in Discord that you cannot alter. Since its debut, that is how it has always been.

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