How to Make Fortnite Full Screen?

how to make fortnite full screen
how to make fortnite full screen

Fortnite is a game that people are much better at playing in full-screen mode as opposed to Windowed mode. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case. But one problem with it all is that sometimes the game itself refuses to let players play in the exact display mode that they want.

These are the players that end up getting Fortnite stuck in windowed mode or bordered mode. This is a rather common problem, especially among those that have recently installed the game. That said, we’re here to discuss the importance of the full-screen mode in Fortnite and how you can switch your game to it easily.

How to Make Fortnite Full Screen?

Before getting down into the importance of the mode and why players should always use it over windowed mode, we’re here to discuss exactly how you can switch Fortnite to full screen in the first place. There are a lot of different ways to get around doing this, and most of them are easy to try which makes things much more convenient for you.

The first thing to try is to go and check the settings for Fortnite. There’s no point in trying out anything else if the settings aren’t to your preference.

That said, there will be a setting that can be enabled to make Fortnite full screen. This should be available in the display menu of the game’s settings and it should be pretty easy to get to it by starting the game to get to the main menu.

Just make sure that the option for display is set to full screen instead of windowed or bordered, as trying out anything else won’t work until this is done. If this alone doesn’t help players get the game to go to full screen, we recommend trying out the Windows shortcuts instead.

For applications that are windowed, turning them on and pressing Alt and Enter on your keyboard simultaneously will force Windows to make them go full screen. This is a method that works for a majority of users and will likely work for you as well.

Another option we recommend is to go to the game’s settings and changing the revolution from 1920 x 1080 (or whatever else fits your system and is already active) to something else. Once this is done, change it back and save the changes. This should likely help as well.

Why Playing in Full Screen is Preferable

There are many reasons why playing full screen is the much more preferable option, with the main reason being that it ensures Fortnite runs much better at much higher frame rates. There’s the added fact that input lag is also reduced when playing the game on full screen and that users run into much fewer performance issues in this mode compared to the other display modes. The full-screen mode also ensures optimal resolution as compared to windowed mode, which is known to cause resolution-related bugs.

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