5 Basic Steps To Change Ear Pads On HyperX Cloud 2

how to change ear pads on hyperx cloud 2
how to change ear pads on hyperx cloud 2

Over time, the ear cups on your headset can start wearing down. When that happens, you will have to attempt replacing these ear cups. For this purpose, we see a lot of users ask how to change ear pads on the HyperX Cloud 2.

This is why today; we will be covering in detail exactly how you can change your headset’s ear pads. So, if you wish to learn more, then be sure to keep on reading the article!

How To Change Ear Pads On HyperX Cloud 2?

In order to effectively change the ear pads on your headset, follow these steps:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to remove the older ear pads and pull them out from the opposite direction. Ensure that you are supporting the headset from both sides while attempting to hold and remove the ear pad. This way, you won’t be ripping out anything.
  2. Once the ear pad is removed, you will notice how these pads are installed through the insertion of a lip that is found on the back side of your ear cups. The gap should be right around the headset. Through the gap, these ear pads stay in their place.
  3. Now before you do anything, you will want to have a good grip on the headset and make sure that you insert the backside lip directly into the top side of the gap. While you are holding that part, you can move your other fingers and stretch the lip to fit into the rest of the gap.
  4. Keep in mind that you will have to be a bit patient when adjusting the lip into the gap. The ear pad can easily slip out when you are trying to stretch it into the gap.
  5. Once you have the whole ear pad installed, try playing with it which should tell you whether it is secured at its place. If required, you can also slightly adjust the positioning of the ear pads.

When Should You Replace Your Ear Pads?

If for instance, you aren’t liking the default ear pads which the headset comes with, you can easily opt for a custom ear pad replacement which should be more comfortable for your ear. Similarly, when these ear pads start wearing out, you can easily replace them with newer ones which should save you the hassle of getting your ears tired.

The Bottom Line:

How to change ear pads on HyperX Cloud 2? If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on exactly how you can change the ear pads on your headset, we strongly advise that you read the details that we have mentioned in the article above.

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