2 Ways To Fix Fortnite We Hit A Roadblock Error

fortnite we hit a roadblock
fortnite we hit a roadblock

Network connection errors are one of the most annoying issues that a player may face during his online gaming session. There can be different reasons for the error to occur. However, these errors only occur when there is some kind of a connection problem between your game and the server.

As a result, you can’t continue playing these games until you fix the issue. Fortnite is an online game that is known by players to have all kinds of connectivity issues. A number of connectivity errors can occur in the game. However, it is not always the case of a simple connectivity issue.

How to Fix We Hit A Roadblock Error In Fortnite?

One of the most common issues facing by players in Fortnite is “We hit a roadblock – network connection lost”. According to the players, they get kicked mid-match and get this error on the screen.

Why Does This Error Occur?

The most likely reason why this error occurs is due to missing files. Whenever your game can’t read the missing file, it will give you this error. This is also why you may get kicked during a match. It has mostly nothing to do with your connectivity.

In this article, we will be taking a look at all the reasons why this error occurs. We will be helping you get to the root of this issue. Furthermore, here are some of the best troubleshooting ways you can try that should help you fix this issue.

  1. Verify Game Files

Verifying game files can help you check whether your game have a missing file or not. How it works is that it checks your Fortnite directory. It will scan for any missing file in your folder. If it finds a missing file, it will download these files.

In order to verify a game file, you will need to open the Epic Launcher. Now, go to your library and click on the three dots on the game. You will see an option labeled as Verify. Clicking on it will help you verify all of your files.

  1. Missing STW or Battle Royale Files

The most common reason for this error is that you most probably have the main files missing. Most players facing this error haven’t even downloaded Save the World and Battle Royale files.

To check whether you have the files downloaded or not, start by opening Epic Launcher on your PC. Now, go to your library and look for the 3 dots on your game. Click on Options. Make sure you have checked both Save the World, or Battle Royale. If not, checking them should start downloading new files for the game.


As we have already mentioned above, the “We hit a roadblock –Network connection lost” error in Fortnite is most likely due to missing files. This is why we have suggested 2 easy ways how you can easily fix this issue.

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