4 Methods For Resolving Fortnite Go For A Swim At Lazy Lake Not Working

fortnite go for a swim at lazy lake not working
fortnite go for a swim at lazy lake not working

Going for a swim at a lazy lake is one of the many challenges that you will need to complete as part of the week’s 10 challenges. Even though the task is pretty self-explanatory, we have still had several users running into trouble while trying to complete this particular task. In case you seem to be one of them and have no idea how you are supposed to complete the challenge, then you have come to the right place! Here is everything that you should know about it:

Fortnite Go For A Swim At Lazy Lake Not Working

1. Ensure That You Are On The Right Location

The first thing that you will need to check is that you are indeed in the right location when trying to swim. As the challenge requires the players to swim in Lazy Lake, we have noticed plenty of users who were swimming on lakes that were near the Lazy Lake location.

As a result, their challenge didn’t complete due to which they may have ended up thinking that it was an issue with the challenge itself. To ensure that you end up swimming in the right location, you will have to swim inside the lake that is between Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows. There should be two islands.

Alternatively, you can go for landing right on the west side and going straight for the swim.

2. Joining a New Game

Another thing that should help in your case is if you tried joining a new game. The issue may be the result of your game bugging out. A lot of users in the past have mentioned how various challenges may suddenly end up bugging out while being in a certain match.

On the bright side, the issue can be easily fixed by simply making sure that you join a new game. As soon as you do, your challenge should be refreshed, and you should be able to do the challenge now. Though if you are still struggling with it, then your best bet would be to restart the whole game and its processes. An easier way of restarting all of these includes restarting your system.

3. Internet Lag

Even though it is quite rare, at times internet lag can play a role in bugging out your challenge quest. Most usually, if your internet ping is too high, or if you are getting very high packet loss, your movements might not be registering into the server.

This means that even if you are swimming on your screen, the server is unable to tell whether you have done the action or not. In such cases, it is strongly advised to make sure that you check your internet. Although there are various reasons for the internet, the most common ones include using a slow internet or making use of a VPN.

4. Reinstalling the Game

If you are still having issues with the game, then your last option would be to go for a complete reinstall of the game. But if you don’t want to delete your game files just yet, then you can try looking for missing files through the game repair feature on the EPIC launcher.

If that does not work, then attempt to uninstall your game. As soon as it is successfully removed from your computer, you can try downloading and installing the game again from your EPIC store. Also, do make sure that you add the game as an exception to your Windows Firewall.

The Bottom Line:

Is Crazy Lake not working in Fortnite for you? Facing bugs in quest challenges is quite common as they tend to be the result of an error inside the particular match that you are playing. Apart from making sure that you are following the correct instructions in the quest, you may try joining a new match which should be enough for fixing the bugged-out quest in Fortnite.

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