4 Ways To Deal With Fortnite Audio Settings Not Saving

fortnite audio settings not saving
fortnite audio settings not saving

The audio settings in a battle royale have a direct relation with the quality of your gameplay as it can be pretty challenging to communicate with teammates and pinpoint enemy locations without proper audio. Depending upon the type of audio output device you’re using, the audio configurations have to be changed accordingly to bring a complete experience to the players. However, there have been a few complications with Fortnite audio settings not saving recently. Players have been unable to update the audio settings in the game, and the settings keep switching to default. So, let’s cover some solutions for Fortnite audio settings not saving.

Fortnite Audio Settings Not Saving

1. Change Config Files

The best method for quickly maneuvering through the issue with the audio settings not saving is that you should directly update the config files through the documents. For this procedure, you need to first exit out of the game completely and close the launcher. Once the launcher has been closed, try the Windows+R shortcut and access the config files through the %localappdata% folder.

Now, you just have to scroll and find the Fortnite Game Folder and navigate to the GameUserSettings by following this path: “Fortnite Game > Saved > Config > Windows Client > GameUserSettings.” At this stage, you’ll have access to the audio settings, and it is pretty easy to change the output device through the option “CustomVoiceChatOutputDevice.” Just save the new settings, and you’re all set.

2. Reconnect Audio Device

Sometimes, the audio output device can also be bugged out, which can lead to similar issues. So, there is no harm in removing the audio device along with the installed drivers before connecting it again. Once you connect the device, the drivers will install again and fix all the minor bugs in the system. Depending upon your PC, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get the drivers installed in the system.

3. Disable Other Audio Devices

Players have pointed out that having multiple audio output devices connected to the PC also plays a role in this issue with Fortnite Audio settings not saving. So, it is a good idea to temporarily disable all the extra audio output devices connected to the PC. That will eliminate the issue in most cases, and you won’t have to worry about installing the game from scratch.

4. Restart PC

Restarting the PC might seem like a basic fix, but many players successfully fixed the audio settings issues by following this method. It will only take a second, and you just have to exit out of the game and then completely reboot your PC. After the reboot is complete, just launch the game and change the audio settings.

If the game files are not damaged, the issue should be fixed at this stage. However, you can always reach out to the EPIC support team about this issue with the Fortnite audio settings not saving. They will guide you on the issue while also helping you narrow down the problem. So, send them a ticket and await their response.

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