Discord Not Detecting And Not Working With Valorant: 4 Fixes

discord not detecting and not working with valorant
discord not detecting and not working with valorant

Valorant is a game by Riot Games that is basically a 5v5 tactical first-person shooter and there are millions of fans playing the game worldwide. The game is fully compatible with the Discord platform and you will not have to deal with any sorts of issues with the game if you have set it up right in the discord. D

iscord also allows you to play Valorant with your friends and that would be the best way to communicate as this is a Windows exclusive game. If you are having trouble with Discord detecting the game, or if it is not working, you need to fix this, and here is how.

Discord Not Detecting And Not Working With Valorant

1) Check the Discord Settings

You will need to make sure that all your Discord settings are in order to ensure that the game is being detected. So, first of all, you will need to check that the game settings are enabled and that you are sharing your in-game status with the friends. If you are able to make that work, Discord will be detecting Valorant or any other game automatically and you will be able to use it perfectly without having any issues.

2) Check CPU Usage

Another thing that you should be careful about is CPU Usage. Valorant is not a light game and it requires some extensive access to the hardware resources. That is why a lot of your CPU power is consumed. Since your CPU power is being consumed there, if it reaches 100% or something close to that, you will not be able to play the game with Discord and it will start causing some errors with the gameplay, or Discord will not be able to detect the gameplay at all.

3) Try Overclocking

If you have a CPU that supports Overclocking then this might be the best choice that you have in this scenario. You can access the BIOS settings of your PC and there you will need to enable the overclocking on your PC. Overclocking allows the PC to run faster as it puts some extra strain on the processor. Once you have that enabled, you might be able to use Discord with Valorant properly.

Be mindful that Overclocking can cause some issues such as overheating the processor or getting it stuck out of nowhere. Overclocking can also crash the game or Discord application so you will need to be careful and analyze all the risks contained. It is not recommended for beginners or for those who are not tech-savvy due to the risks involved.

4) Reinstall Discord

You will need to reinstall the Discord application if nothing else has worked for you and that will resolve the issues for you. There might be some bug or error on the PC that can cause you to have trouble with the Discord not Detecting Vallorant and stuff like that. To do it properly, it would be better if you uninstall the application from your PC, restart your PC and then download the updated version on the PC.

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