Discord Not Detecting And Not Working With The Witcher: 4 Fixes

discord not detecting and not working with the witcher
discord not detecting and not working with the witcher

Witcher is a game that has created some ripples in the gaming industry with high-resolution graphics, a tremendous storyline and immersive sound effects. The gameplay is so addictive that there are billions of players worldwide that are playing the game and are hooked with the Witcher series. It works great with Discord, but if your Discord is unable to detect the game, here is how you can fix this.

How To Fix Discord Not Detecting And Not Working With The Witcher

1) Check for Piracy

While you may not know it, the game that you have downloaded can be pirated and you will not be able to play any such games including Witcher on Discord if they are not from an authentic source. While piracy is a serious offense in most countries that can cause you to face legal actions, it also possesses a great risk to your privacy and security. Since the pirated games are not from authentic sources, you never know what kind of programs or coding is in there that can attack your private information over Discord or your PC.

So, the bottom line is Discord does not support any such games that are pirated and that is a great thing to have. The first thing that you should be checking if you are unable to play Witched in Discord because it is not being detected is that it should not be a pirated copy of the game.

2) Beware of Mods

There are all sorts of custom mods of Witcher available over the internet that may or may not be fan-made. These mods are also pretty much the same as their coding has been modified by some third-party engines. While these mods might be legal to download and play, they still carry the risk of targeting your private information over the Discord channel, and henceforth, you will not be able to play any mod version of The Witcher on Discord because it will not detect it.

3) Game Overlay

You need to ensure that Witcher is added to the Game Overlay. Since Witcher is a pretty hardcore game that requires great hardware resources, it needs to be added manually in the settings. Be mindful that any update to the Discord application will remove the Witcher from your Game Overlay and you will not be able to find it.

So, if you were playing it before or even if you are installing and playing the Witcher for the first time on your PC, you will need to ensure that the game is properly added to the Game Overlay settings and that will solve the problem for you for good.

4) Check Hardware Acceleration

Another thing that might be causing you to face troubles with the Witcher and Discord is hardware Acceleration for the games. Discord balances the PC performance by limiting the hardware acceleration for smooth operations across all the applications. However, if you need to play games like Witcher, you will have to enable hardware acceleration in the Discord game settings so Witcher can have the necessary hardware resources that it needs to be run properly.

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