31 Overwatch Characters (List Of All Overwatch Characters – Tanks, Damage and Support)

Overwatch consists of 31 different characters spread throughout 3 different classes: Tanks, Damage and Support. Each class has its own different and diverse characters with unique playstyles. Here is a discrete description for all the characters of every role Overwatch Characters Damage The heroes that deal with delivering damage to the opposition are called damage … Read more

Overwatch: Pink Mercy Skin

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter released by Blizzard in 2016. The game became very popular in late 2017, following many other Blizzard games before it by raising in popularity rather than declining. Overwatch is a colourful game, containing many cosmetics for characters, including skins, sprays and the main attraction, skins. Overwatch is quite popular … Read more