3 Ways To Fix Astro A40 Sound Quality Problem

astro a40 sound quality problem
astro a40 sound quality problem

The Astro A40 is one of the most popular devices that Astro has to offer. The headset has lots of amazing features that make it worth buying, along with many different customization settings too that users will surely appreciate. When it comes down to the more basic aspect, the Astro A40 also has great sound quality.

However, it might not always be this way for a number of different reasons. There are some cases where there are problems with the sound quality of the headset. Here’s a list of some handy solutions for all those encountering these Astro A40 sound quality problems.

How to Fix Astro A40 Sound Quality Problem?

  1. Correct Platform Setting

A very important thing to make sure of while using the Astro A40 headset is that it’s set up on the correct platform setting. There are two different options built into the device which allow users to change the platform mode. For example, if someone is playing on a PC, they can set the headphones to a PC so that the Astro A40 works perfectly. The same goes for consoles as well, as the second option is for them.

Depending on whichever of the two you’re playing on, make sure that the correct mode is enabled. It doesn’t take too much time at all and can be done in just a few moments with the push of a button. Even if the correct setting is already toggled, toggle it to the other option and then change it back to the correct one, as doing so tends to work in some cases too.

  1. Firmware Update

Making sure that the firmware of the Astro A40 is up to date is a very important thing to do as well. This is a solution that will be especially helpful for anyone that only recently bought the headphones and is using them for the first time but encountering sound quality issues while doing so. These firmware updates are luckily easy to install whether you play on PC or consoles. Regardless of a user’s preferred platform, they will need a computer for this solution.

Once they have access to said computer, the first thing to do is visit the official Astro website. Now download the firmware update installer, and the newest firmware update as well. Make sure that the Astro A40 is connected to the CPU during this whole process. Now just start installing the update and it should be done within a few minutes.

  1. Custom EQ Settings

Another thing that you can do to make sure that the sound quality of your A40 headphones is as great as possible and to your liking is to change the EQ settings. Just adjust these depending on your preferences and then try playing some games with the new settings. Alternatively, users can try resetting these back to default if they already adjusted them and that’s what caused the problem in the first place.

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