3 Ways To Fix Astro A40 High Pitched Noise

astro a40 high pitched noise
astro a40 high pitched noise

While the Astro A40 headset is a device with great sound quality that usually works quite well and doesn’t provide too many problems in terms of either input or output, there are occasional problems that one still might face while using it.

One problem, in particular, is regarding the frequency of the sound, in which it starts to become too high pitched. This is a particularly troubling issue for those that like to listen to music or play video games. There are a few easy fixes for it that are just as effective as they are simple, and these are listed below for all to learn and try.

How to Fix Astro A40 High Pitched Noise?

  1. Change Frequency Settings

Since this is a problem with the frequency being too high, ultimately resulting in high-pitched sounds that are troubling for the ear, the first and most logical solution is to check the frequency settings.

The default settings can be a little too high for some, and in some cases messing around with a few settings also results in higher frequency than the default. The solution is to just go to the PC settings and change the frequency of the sound so that the Astro A40’s output no longer bothers you with high-pitched noises.

  1. Properly Set Up MixAmp

The MixAmp is one of the most important parts of an Astro gaming audio setup, and it is something that a lot of people own. This is a solution for said people. If you’re one of many users that have a MixAmp from the brand, it could explain why you’re encountering such high-pitched noises from the headset. There are a number of different reasons behind this. But to be completely brief, they all lead back to the MixAmp in one way or another if you own one.

That said, the solution for all these different problems resulting in the high-pitched Astro A40 noises is to just properly set up the MixAmp. Make sure that the settings are to your liking, and that there are no cables that might be a little loose from either the end of this device or the headset. Once this is all done and the settings have been altered to match one’s preferences, try running the Astro A40 with some game again and check if it works properly.

  1. Try Different Cables

This is a problem which can cause by using the wrong type of cable too. Luckily there’s a pretty simple solution in this regard too, which is to just use the correct cable. For example, if you’re playing with the Astro A40 on consoles, the optical cable should be your go-to choice.

On the other hand, using a USB cable with PC is the more preferred option in that case. So keep this information in mind and ensure that the correct cable is being used with the Astro A40 headphones.

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