3 Ways To Fix Arctis 7 Not Connected

arctis 7 not connected
arctis 7 not connected

Arctis 7 is a premium gaming headset from SteelSeries that is available in many online stores. Design-wise it is quite similar to the Arctis 3 and Artis 5 and there is nothing flashy going on the outside. It has a minimal and professional design with amazing sound quality. Using the SSE, you can configure the different audio preset to personalize the headset.

On online forums, users are saying that the Arctis 7 will show up as not connected on the SSE even though it was working fine a few hours ago. If you have the same issue here are some ways you can get around the problem.

How to Fix Arctis 7 Not Connected?

  1. Pair Headset

To fix the connection issue we recommend that you try pairing the headset with your PC. Before that, you can simply try removing the transmitter cable from your PC and then turn off your Arctis 7.

Then you will have to connect the transmitter again with the PC, turn on the headset using the power button and connect it again with the transmitter. Doing this will help you if you’re the connection error is happening due to a minor bug and there are no serious issues with your device.

If that doesn’t work then proceed to pair the headset with the transmitter again. You need to press the power button on the headset along with the button on the transmitter simultaneously to pair the devices with each other.

After connecting the Arctis 7 with your PC we suggest that you immediately update the firmware on your headset to avoid running into the same issue in the future. Refer to online tutorials if you don’t know how to update the firmware on your SteelSeries headset.

  1. Use CCleaner

The next thing that was recommended by SteelSeries support was to use CCleaner to clean the registry files and remove SSE from your system. The CCleaner is a free program that helps you remove certain files from the PC to keep it clean and efficient.

It can also increase the performance of your PC by a little margin and you can download it from their official website for windows and other platforms. There are also paid versions available but luckily you won’t need those to clear your registry.

After removing the SSE from your computer, open chrome and download the newest version of the SteelSeries engine from their website. Install that on your PC and check if the headset shows up as connected on the home screen.

According to SteelSeries, the issue was fixed in the newer version of SSE and if you are still running into connection issues then chances are you haven’t updated the engine on your computer yet. So, make sure to first remove the current version completely and then install the latest version.

  1. Use Cable

If the issue is only happening when you try to use the wireless feature of the headset then we suggest that you use a cable to check if that fixes your problem. Chances are that the transmitter connected to your PC is faulty which is why you’re not able to get your device connected to the PC.

In this situation, it would be best to contact the support members from the official team at SteelSeries. Go to their webpage and proceed to send a ticket to interact with members from the support and they will be able to help you fix the Arctis 7.

However, if the device is still not showing up as connected on the PC after using the cable, then there could be some serious issue with your headset. So, if you’re not able to hear any audio from the headset then first check the playback settings and then contact your supplier and inform them about this issue.

After verification, if it is confirmed that your headset has hardware issues then you can ask the store for a replacement if your warranty covers that.

But hopefully, you won’t be that unlucky and the connection issue will be fixed after you reconnect the transmitter with the PC. Hardware issues are quite rare and there is a good chance that you can get the headset working again after following the steps mentioned above.

Refer to the community forums for additional help from other community members that were having similar issues in the past.

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