2 Ways To Fix SteelSeries Macro Not Working Problem

steelseries macro not working
steelseries macro not working

Every gamer around the world is intrigued and other hand captivated by the best devices that are used by e-sports professionals and gamers around the world. When you play online games, you need to be on top of your game and your mind and soul should be in it from the start.

All this attention can help you to reach another level but if you want to be the best in it you need to have the best devices at your disposal as well. We can look at other sports as examples to make this point as well. Professional athletes use the best sportswear and equipment to reach the top. If we talk about MSI SteelSeries, they produce a wide range of top-end products for everyone in the gaming arena.

Every single device is dedicated to bringing out the best in every gamer who uses it. MSI SteelSeries products make your gaming experience comfortable and worthwhile. To use every MSI SteelSeries product to its full potential you need to have the SteelSeries engine in your system.

This allows you to make customizable changes to MSI SteelSeries products. Now many gamers want to play games quickly and for that, they make combinations for different games which involve a set of commands. These combinations can be used by pressing the selection button.

All this is called macros. They help every gamer to store their best moves in a few keys commands. This is a huge benefit for using SteelSeries but at times the SteelSeries macro is not working. For that, we will provide you with some quick solutions.

SteelSeries Macro Not Working Problem

  1. Reinstall SteelSeries Engine

This is a quick fix that will help you instantly while tackling the SteelSeries macro not working problem. Now we know macro is very useful as it allows you to record your combination which you can use in your games to defeat your opponent.

To resolve this issue, you will need to reinstall the SteelSeries Engine following the simple steps. You will have to uninstall it first by opening the control panel on your system.

Once you have it opened you will have different options and one of them will be to uninstall a program. This will allow you to uninstall the application by clicking on the SteelSeries Engine app. After uninstalling the SteelSeries Engine, you will need to delete every file you have on your system that is associated with the application of SteelSeries Engine.

Then download the application from the SteelSeries website and reinstall it. Now it will work perfectly.

  1. Install an older SteelSeries Engine Version

At times the newer version of the application comes with a few bugs and these bugs take a while to fix. In that case you will need to delete the newer version and install the older version of SteelSeries Engine. If you do not have an older version on your system, you can search for it online. This will make your SteelSeries macro not working problem go way.

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