4 Ways To Fix Arctis 5 Additional Software For This Device Is Required

arctis 5 additional software for this device is required
arctis 5 additional software for this device is required

The Arctis 5 is easily one of the most popular products that Steelseries has to offer, as it also belongs to what is easily one of the most popular series of products that they feature. It comes with a lot of different, great features, being a powerful set of headphones that also have a lot of accessibility options.

But sometimes, their use can be limited. This is usually noted by the Steelseries Engine application through the Arctis 5 “Additional Software for This Device is Required” error message. If you’re encountering it as well, here are some ways to fix the error.

How to Fix Arctis 5 Arctis 5 Additional Software for This Device is Required

  1. Upgrade to Windows 10

This is a solution that’s specifically meant for everyone who uses the Arctis 5 headset on Windows 7 or any other version of the OS other than the 10th one. While the specs might say otherwise, the Arctis 5 really only works properly on Windows 10.

It has lots of compatibility issues which are certainly a major con, but they can easily be bypassed by getting the latest version for Windows 10. It’s recommended that you do so immediately if you aren’t using it already, as it is usually more than enough to fix this issue.

  1. Keep Retrying the Installation Button

When you’re provided with the error message saying that “Additional Software for This Device is Required”, there will always be an install button accompanying the message. Clicking on this allows users to automatically download the required software which the message is talking about.

Even if this didn’t work the first few times that you tried, we recommend that you continue clicking it regardless. Firstly, restart the computer and then launch the Steelseries engine app. Now just try to install the software a few times and it should work eventually. Even if this doesn’t help, the other two solutions below definitely should.

  1. Run Steelseries Engine as Admin

The first thing to try is running the Steelseries Engine application as an administrator. Apps that are run as admin have a lot more permissions granted to them compared to those that are not. So if there was something blocking the installation of the required software before, it shouldn’t be blocking it now that you’ve run the app as an administrator.

  1. New User Account

Something that tends to work for a lot of users is signing into Windows through a new user account. To do so, create a new account by pressing the start button and going into the account menu from here. Once this is done, make this new local account the administrator account and then log into it.

After all this, install the Steelseries Engine app into it and then try to launch it while having your Arctis 5 connected. Now try installing the required software and it should work without any more issues.

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