4 Ways To Fix XCOM Launcher Loop

xcom launcher loop
xcom launcher loop

XCOM is one of the most played Sci-Fi video game franchises in the world of gaming. They have so much to offer and with the constant releases, you will have the right gaming experience that you might be seeking to play the game for hours and hours without any boredom at all.

The game is pretty great and you are going to love the immersive graphics, futuristic Sci-Fi storyline, and these alien characters that you get to interact with within the game. Not only that but there is a lot more in terms of SFX and VFX that will enhance the overall gaming experience for you.

XCOM is available on all the gaming platforms and not only that, but you can also enjoy the game on PCs as well using the Steam platform and enjoy the best possible experience for PC gaming as well. The game is stable on PC along with the other consoles and there is not much that you will have to be worried about while playing the XCOM game on your PC.

If the game is stuck in the launcher loop and you are unable to start the game as it should. Here are a few things that you will need to be careful about.

How to Fix XCOM Launcher Loop?

1. Get Rid of Mods

The most common problem that causes multiple gamers to face this problem is that you might be using some mods on the game that can cause you to have different errors. These mods are not authentic as they are not released by the official game developers and are usually community or fan-made.

That is why, if you are using some mod on the game, you will need to get rid of them, and that way you will be able to ensure that there is no such problem.

You should check for the mods online and their reviews before installing any such mod on your game as they will not only hinder your gaming experience with the lags and other stuff like that, but they can also cause you to face this sort of problems on the launch as well.

2. Verify File Integrity

Another thing that you will need to be careful about is file integrity. You will need to ensure that you are right-clicking on the XCOM in your library, and then navigate to settings. Here you will find the verify integrity option and after you click on it, you just have to start the game once more and it should load without any further problems on the launch like getting stuck in the launch loop or similar problems.

3. Run as Administrator

There is another fix for this sort of problem and you might not be running XCOM as administrator. That will restrict the game from running optimally as different permissions might not be available and you will have to face such errors and problems on your XCOM game.

In order to sort them out, you will need to run the game as an administrator as that will be the best thing to help you out through all such problems and you will be able to ensure that there are no such problems that you will have to face with the game. After you are running it as administrator, the game should be running fine without getting stuck in any launch loop at all.

4. Reinstall

Lastly, if nothing has worked out for you and you have checked on all the above troubleshooting steps, there might be some problem with the game files and components that is pretty hard to diagnose if you try doing that manually. That is why the best approach will be to back up your game progress data on the steam account and then uninstall the game completely from your PC.

Afterward, all you will need to do is to make sure that, you are downloading the authentic and unmodded game from Steam and install that on your PC. This will certainly make sure that all such problems that were being caused due to damaged files or anything like that are optimally fixed and you will not have to face XCOM getting stuck with the launch loop afterward.

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