Why Can’t I Say GG In Brawlhalla? (Explained)

why can't i say gg in brawlhalla
why can’t i say gg in brawlhalla

The gaming community can be pretty toxic at times, but developers do a great job at limiting the vulgarity projected by players through quick chat. Many games, including Rocket League, CS: GO, and Brawlhalla, are pretty serious about maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the game. So, you won’t have to worry about much toxicity when playing these games on your console.

A common query that some users have asked after the latest patch is why can’t they say GG in Brawlhalla. If you’re confused about the same thing and can’t send the emoji, then the following details are for you.

Why Can’t I Say GG In Brawlhalla?

While saying GG after a match seems to be a decent show of sportsmanship from both players, it has become a tradition and an automated response for the majority of Brawlhalla players. However, with the recent update, many console players have been struggling to get the message across when they use the GG action button on their controllers. This issue is caused by a minor game bug that has yet to be fixed.

There is always a chance that your action button is at fault here, and cleaning up the button will sometimes address this issue. However, if you’re sure that the problem is not with the button, then you need to isolate the issue with the game itself. Players have been waiting for months to get a new patch containing a fix for the GG emote. Developers have yet to respond to the concerns brought forward by these players, and you can do nothing but wait for the next patch.

If you’re in the same boat with the GG message, and can’t see any GG tags from other players as well, then there is no need to get alarmed. This is just an issue with the latest patch, and you can try to reinstall the game once to narrow down on other possible reasons behind this error.

With that said, some players do get annoyed at the GG message after losing. It is not always pleasant to look at a good game message when you lose badly in a match. So, some players will respond erratically when they see GG messages in the chat. Even though the sender has no ill intentions, it is not that rare for players to lash out when they lose a game. For this reason, you should try to substitute the GG remark with something different, like “thanks for playing with me.”

To Conclude

You can’t say GG in Brawlhalla because of a minor bug, and there is no need to read further into the situation. Users also struggle with key bind issues, and there is no harm in trying a different key bind for the GG button.

That way, you’ll know for sure whether the issue is with your game or your controller. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed as soon as you change the key bind, and you won’t have to wait for weeks to get the new patch. Make sure to further seek help from the official support if the issue is not on your end.

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