How To Get Viewership Rewards Brawlhalla? (5 Must-Do Steps)

how to get viewership rewards brawlhalla
how to get viewership rewards brawlhalla

There is nothing more annoying than pay-to-win games that are only focusing on getting more money out of your pocket. These games might be a bit addicting, but you won’t be able to truly enjoy the gaming experience without spending money each time you try to launch the game. For this reason, the majority of players tend to move towards games like Brawlhalla for a truly free-to-play experience.

Brawlhalla is an amazing game that features countless rewards and viewership tokens for the players. You can simply tune into their Twitch stream to get exclusive items as long as the account is linked up.

How To Get Viewership Rewards Brawlhalla?

You’ll have to pair up your game account with your Twitch stream to get your hands on these viewership rewards. Once that account is paired up, the process is as simple as watching the stream and waiting for more rewards to unlock relative to your viewership progress. So, follow through with these steps to unlock the rewards.

  1. To start, you will have to pair up the account by opening up the Brawlhalla Twitch stream. When you hover your mouse over the player, an icon will pop up that will help you connect to the Brawlhalla account directly.
  2. You can further click the gear icon and proceed to the “manage access” tab to grant access to the Twitch user ID. You will need to confirm this permission. Otherwise, the progress meter won’t go up as you watch the stream.
  3. After granting the necessary permissions, just keep track of the viewership rewards through the inventory or the live rewards page. You’ll have to get through hours of streaming to unlock all rewards. So, be patient and allow the progress meter to go up slowly once the accounts are paired up.
  4. Once you get a reward code in your inventory, that can be redeemed directly through the in-game store. So, click on the store in your game and proceed to redeem your collected reward codes, and that will be it when it comes to viewership rewards.
  5. Lastly, you can cycle back to the stream and wait until your inventory is filled with all the available reward codes. It will take you a long time, but you’ll have exclusive items to show for your time spent watching the Brawlhalla Stream.

Overall, it is not that difficult to get the viewership rewards, and it all comes down to pairing the game account with the Twitch ID. So, browse to the Brawlhalla official Twitch stream and click on the hover icon to link your game account. Once that game account is connected, the reset is pretty straightforward.

If, for some reason, the progress meter is not going up, make sure to refresh the tab and then avoid tabbing out of the Stream. Hopefully, that will fix the live reward meter, and you’ll be able to get more codes right away. Reach out to customer support if that doesn’t fix the issue with the progress meter, as you might be dealing with some VPN-related issues.

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