3 Ways To Troubleshoot Steelseries Siberia 150 Disconnecting Issue

steelseries siberia 150 disconnecting
steelseries siberia 150 disconnecting

The Steelseries Siberia 150 is one of the more popular headsets by the brand in the Siberia line of products they offer, while also being one of their more popular options in general. There are a lot of things to like about the device, with the main one being sound quality.

But there is not much point in the sound quality being great if the headset is just going to disconnect every now and then. If your Steelseries Siberia 150 is disconnecting randomly, here are some solutions for the issue.

How to Fix Steelseries Siberia 150 Disconnecting

  1. Check the Port

The very first thing to do before getting into all the technical troubleshooting is looking for issues with the port. It’s more than likely that your Steelseries Siberia 150 keeps disconnecting again and again at times because the port it’s connected to is faulty. The solution is rather simple.

Simply unplug the headset and try a different port, or unplug it and clean up the problematic port to ensure there isn’t any dirt of debris causing problems with it. It’s also recommended that you try to use it with an entirely different computer too, as that can also help. If it keeps disconnecting even after all this, move on to the other solutions as they’ll likely help more.

  1. Update Drivers

Driver updates allow users to run certain devices as well as possible by improving the way that they function on a specific computer. That’s why it’s very important to have the proper drivers installed, as not having them can lead to a lot of unwanted issues. The drivers for the Steelseries Siberia 150 specifically will be available free of charge to download through the official website of the brand. Here you’ll find a menu with download links for drivers of the device.

If users already have them installed and there are still some ongoing issues with the Steelseries Siberia 150, it’s likely that they need to be updated. There are two possible ways to go about this, and the easier one out of the two would be to visit the previously mentioned website of the brand to download updates for them.

  1. Firmware Update

While drivers let the Steelseries Siberia 150 function better on specific computers, firmware updates are something that improves the overall performance of the device in general, regardless of the device, they’re being used on. Making sure that the firmware of your headphones is very important, as they’re more prone to present bugs and issues otherwise.

To install firmware updates, there’s not an awful lot that users will have to do. Simply install the update tool from the Steelseries site. Once it’s done installing, ensure that the Siberia 150 is properly connected to the computer before using the update tool to install the latest firmware update available for it. That’s all that you’ll need to do to get the device working properly without disconnecting again.

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