2 Ways To Fix Space Engineers Sorter Loop

space engineers sorter loop
space engineers sorter loop

Space Engineers is a rather enjoyable title that allows players to do exactly what its title suggests. Anyone can become an engineer in space or at least try to get an exact idea of what that would be like through this fun open-world sandbox game.

It focuses on most of the realistic aspects of engineering and constructing while mixing them with the hardships one might have to face in a realistic, sci-fi space setting. Hardships include trouble with equipment, like the Space Engineers sorter loop which can be rather annoying. Here’s how to get past this loop if you continue encountering it with your sorters.

Solutions for the Space Engineers Sorter Loop

  1. Setup Issue

Before going into this solution, keep in mind this doesn’t refer to the setup of the game itself. Instead, we are talking about the setup you’ve included the sorter as a part of. Space Engineers, despite all of its absurdity, do try their best to keep things realistic and do their best to do so. Any issues with your construction setups will make it so there are issues. The reason this is being mentioned here is that it is more than possible there are issues with the current setup you’ve included the sorter in which is causing the sorter to loop everything instead of actually arranging it as it should.

The problem is pretty easy to avoid as all it takes is spending a little bit more time playing the game and learning how to overcome issues with setups like these. While it may seem difficult at first, this is what Space Engineers is all about, and learning some tricks will help you solve the sorter loop.

If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest solution of all in this specific regard, try adding two sorters that can help the cargo go both ways so that the same equipment doesn’t just continue looping through one sorter.

  1. Use Management Scripts

If you’re a fan of exploration and making the most of sandbox qualities rather than focusing only on engineering like you sometimes have to in Space Engineers, using scripts is the best possible option. Scripts are basically programs that are usually designed by players of the game.

These are technically official add-ons for the game which can be used without any issues through the Steam workshop. Simply go to the Steam workshop for Space Engineers and you’ll find many management scripts.

The reason why these are being mentioned is that they fix all problems with sorters in your setups by completely removing the sorter from systems entirely. It instead does the resource managing job for players itself.

There are many different scripts and each one of them is used in different ways depending on the one in question. Just choose the one which seems most suited to your needs and set it up. There’ll be no more sorter troubles once that’s done.

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