5 Quick Fixes For Smite Stuck on Waiting on Game Data

smite stuck on waiting on game data
smite stuck on waiting on game data

Smite might be one of the most underrated games on the platform. It is true that the graphics are not that great, but it still brings amazing gameplay and an engaging foundation to keep you invested in the game. So, there is no harm in giving this title a shot in 2022.

The only valid reason against this game is that you will have to deal with several bugs even years after release. While developers are constantly working to address these issues, problems such as Smite being stuck waiting on game data are still persistent. So, here are some fixes that can help you get ahead of similar problems in Smite.

Fixing Smite Stuck on Waiting on Game Data:

  1. Try A VPN

The most basic fix here is to just switch over to a VPN and then launch the game one more time. Even if your network connection is working perfectly, there is no harm in trying to connect to the game servers with the VPN. You won’t get any penalty or get banned with a VPN, and it is pretty easy to use a VPN to connect to a network. So, keep that in mind when Smite is stuck waiting on game data.

  1. Use A Different Account

A few players pointed out that they had to create a new account to play the game again. This will also help you narrow down the problem with your game. So, if you’re not that sure about your account, just use a different option and then test the response from your game.

If the new account does work with your game, then you will be sure that the problem is with your account and not the network. However, if the issue persists, try refreshing the network connection by giving it a quick reboot. Hopefully, that will address all issues with your game.

  1. It’s Time For A Quick Reboot

Quickly rebooting the PC is also a great method of addressing these minor bugs. Just turn off the system after quitting out of the launcher and then remove power from the PC for around 40 seconds. Once that is done, you can boot up the device one more time, and that will help address loading errors.

  1. Disable Background Apps

Disabling the background apps is another great method to get around this error. If you’re using any antivirus program or any additional overlay application, just open up the task manager and end all the operations that are not directly related to the game. That should be enough to address your problems.

  1. Reinstall Game

Lastly, you just have to reinstall the game on a different hard drive. Most of the time, using a VPN would be enough to help you through all of these issues. However, if you have had no success even after going through all of these fixes, then reinstalling the game might be your only solution. So, just proceed with removing all files related to Smite and then reboot your system once before installing the game one more time.

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