3 Tips When Triports Not Available Lost Ark

triports not available lost ark
triports not available lost ark

When you are playing the brand-new game Lost Ark, one of the most aggravating things that may happen to you is when an error pop up saying that the triports are not accessible. Because of this issue, your game may become unplayable in a number of different ways, and you may even be unable to finish it. However, there are solutions to resolve this problem, so don’t lose hope! Here is how you may fix the “triports not accessible” problem in Lost Ark and go back to adventure as soon as possible!

How to Solve Triports Not Available Lost Ark?

  1. Why is it needed?

The open environment of Lost Ark is 150 square kilometers in size and may be explored at will. With such a huge map at your disposal, triports are the best way to zip through Arkesia’s many regions quickly. These triports become available after the in-game feature “rapid voyage” has been activated. A small number of players, however, have complained that they can neither teleport nor utilize triports to reach a certain location. They can’t utilize a triport on the way back since players sail to separate continents.

  1. Wait for Fix a from Developers

The developer has not yet released any patches or updates to remedy this problem as of right now. You are unable to engage in quick travel owing to the restriction imposed by the landmass of the continent. Let’s imagine you are now on a continent; if you believe it is feasible for you to go to the other side of the continent, then you are mistaken.

You are unable to move from one Island to the other using the triport at the same time. On the other hand, you may utilize them to navigate from one section of the map to another. Therefore, the idea of going from one continent to another when traveling is not relevant to this situation.

  1. Try to use Songs to Teleport

Keep in mind that listening to diverse tunes might help you feel as if you’ve been transported to a new environment. This is an important point. You may employ music as a kind of transportation if you do not feel able to use the triport to go to the destination needed of you. Your ability to quickly travel to certain locations on other continents, especially if you have the Song of Return, may be greatly enhanced by your current location in Arkesia.

Song of Return is a quest that must be completed in order for you to get access to this song. It is necessary to speak with Bard Shannon in order to accomplish this goal, since doing so will enable a portal to be established as your destination when you exit the dungeon. As a final incentive, she will provide you with the music when the conversations have been completed successfully by you.

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