5 Troubleshooting Tips For Sims 3 Exchange Not Working

sims 3 exchange not working
sims 3 exchange not working

While you will have to set some budget aside for the expansion packs, the base version for Sims 3 is pretty affordable. If you happen to land upon a sale this summer, then there is no harm in testing out this game for a few weeks. After that, you can decide whether or not it is a good idea to purchase the expansion packs. Even though this game is pretty old, there are still a few bugs that you can expect from time to time. A common complaint from players about Sims 3 is that the exchange is not working. Luckily, following some of these basic fixes will help you with Sims 3 Exchange not working.

Sims 3 Exchange Not Working

1. Use A Different Browser 

The most effective solution for players struggling with Sims 3 Exchange not working was using a different browser. So, if you’re using Chrome, it is a good idea to try the download through Firefox. There is a decent chance that you won’t have to bother with the same issue after changing the browsers. If the download does work with Firefox, then it might be time to update your Chrome browser. An outdated browser is a leading cause behind Sims 3 Exchange not working.

2. Create New Download Folder

Another workaround that helped a ton of players was creating a different download location for the files. This might seem like an inconvenient method, but it won’t take you more than a second, and then you can switch the downloaded files to the main download folder. So, create a new download destination and try the exchange. Once the files are downloaded, you can transfer the files and then delete the new folder.

3. Check Antivirus Status

The antivirus status on your PC can also stop downloads on the system. So, even if you’re using premium services, it is a good idea to turn them off temporarily. Once the files are installed in the game, you can turn the antivirus back on. You don’t have to worry about data breaches, and you can turn the antivirus back on after a few minutes.

4. Update Origin

An outdated origin is another reason why you might be dealing with this issue. So, if you’ve tried Firefox and there is no active antivirus on the PC, then updating the Origin should be your next move. The update can take a while in most situations, even if you have a good connection. However, once the update is done, there is a decent chance that your issue will be fixed.

5. Create A Support Ticket

Ideally, changing the browsers should fix this issue with the Sims 3 Exchange not working. However, if you’ve not been successful with any of the methods mentioned here, then creating a support ticket might be the only solution. Seeking help from an expert will make it easier to narrow down the problem. So, create a support ticket and wait for a response from an EA expert. That will make it much easier to get the exchange working again for Sims 3.

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