4 Solutions For Sims 3 Custom Music Not Working

sims 3 custom music not working
sims 3 custom music not working

Even though games these days come with their own soundtrack, the Sims 3 gives you the option of putting in your own custom music in the game. All you need is to put the music files into the radio station folder inside your game’s directory. Though as simple as this may sound, we have still had users complaining about their custom music not working on the Sims 3. This is why today; we will be taking a deeper look into what could cause this feature to not work inside your game. So, let’s dive right in!

Sims 3 Custom Music Not Working

1. Sims 3 Is Not Updated.

If the custom music feature is not working in Sims 3, then it can be due to the fact that your game is outdated. An outdated game may cause many other problems too and ruin your gaming experience. If that is the case, then it is highly recommended to update the game. Here is how to do it:

  1. Close the game.
  2. Go to the start button.
  3. Click on settings.
  4. Click on downloads and updates.
  5. Search for the app.
  6. Click on the app and look for updates.
  7. If new updates are available, update the app by clicking on the update option.

By following the given steps, your game will be updated.

2. Outdated Mods

It is also possible that the problem is not because of an outdated game but having outdated mods installed on your game. Though if that is the case, then you will have to remove any installed mods from your game.

Luckily, you can temporarily remove all the mods from your game by simply renaming the mods folder or moving it to any other location on your desktop. However, you may also have to clear the game’s cache files once you have removed the mods.

3. The Game Is Faulty.

Another cause of such a problem can be that your game files are corrupted. In such a case, the game will act up and may cause problems regarding the music, mic, camera, etc. There are various methods to fix a corrupted aur faulty game such as:

  1. Attempt to fully remove the game through uninstallation and reinstall it.
  2. Clean the game disc.
  3. Repair the game.
  4. However, we would recommend you to follow the given solution.
  5. Go to the stream library.
  6. Right click on the game.
  7. Click on the local file tab.
  8. Click on the verify integrity option after locating it.
  9. Wait a few seconds and then launch the game again to see if the game is working successfully or not.

4. Reach Out To Support

If you notice none of the above mentioned solutions to work for you, then there’s a good chance that there may be nothing that you can do on your own. It is also possible that the developers may have temporarily disabled the feature.

In any case, what you should do is to get in touch with the support team and let them know about the issue that you are experiencing in detail. After listening to your query, they should be able to let you know what could be causing this issue and how you should be able to fix the problem.

The Correct Way Of Adding A Custom Music Into The Game

Sometimes, the game is working alright. Instead, it is the way of adding the music that is causing he problems. If that is the case, then be sure to follow these instructions for adding custom music on the Sims 3:

  1. Select the media files that you want to add in your game.
  2. Make sure that the songs are all .mp3 files.
  3. Copy the songs into a separate folder.
  4. Go to the games and click on custom music.
  5. Paste the songs in the custom music category.
  6. Restart the game and check if the custom music works or not.

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