Sims 4 Custom Traits Not Working? Try These 6 Methods

sims 4 custom traits not working
sims 4 custom traits not working

Mods might be a bit difficult to handle at first, but they have a massive impact on the gaming experience. There are a ton of unique options available on the forums, and you can easily change the personality of your Sim by installing the mod pack. So, if you’re looking for a more diverse experience, then going with mods will serve you perfectly. The only bad thing about mods is that they often run into errors during normal gameplay. Several players have pointed out issues with Sims 4 custom traits not working. These issues are pretty common, and the following solutions will help you make use of the custom traits.

Sims 4 Custom Traits Not Working

1. Update Broken Mod

To fix the custom traits on Sims 4, your first move should be updating the broken mods. These kinds of problems are not that rare when a new patch hits the game. So, you just have to keep up with the patch update and check for a newer version. In the majority of cases, updating the broken mod to the latest version fixed the issue for users. For this reason, you should follow the same method and update the broken mod.

2. Clear Cache Files

Clearing the cache files in the Appdata folder is another great method for fixing the custom traits. If there have been no updates to the game, and the mod was working perfectly just a moment ago, then cleaning these files will help you fix the traits. It will barely take a second, and all you need to do is to exit out of the game and then access the Appdata folder. Now, you can just delete the Cache files and reboot your PC for good measure.

3. Reset User Data

Resetting the user data might seem like a dumb solution, but you can always back up your file and start a new game to isolate the issue. Keep in mind that you should only think about resetting the game after backing up all the necessary files in a different drive. Otherwise, you will end up losing all the progress, and the neighborhood will become glitchy. So, just reset the user data after backing up the files, and then add the saved files back to the new game if the traits are working perfectly after the reset.

4. Reinstall Mod

Installation issues are one of the leading reasons behind the traits not working. If you’re using the mod for the first time and the custom traits are not working in Sims 4, then you didn’t install the mod correctly. To fix this issue with the mod, you have to first remove it completely from the computer and then reboot the PC once. After that, download a fresh copy of the mod, and then install it for your game. That will fix the issue with Sims 4 custom traits not working.

5. Check Patch Compatibility 

The compatibility of the mod relative to the patch is one of the most crucial factors that you need to consider when running into this issue. It can take a while for developers to update the mod after a patch hits the game. So, if you’re sure that you’ve installed the mod correctly, and a huge patch recently hit your game, then it is a good idea to check the compatibility again. There is a chance that you’ll have to wait for a few days to get an updated version of the mod that is compatible with your patch.

6. Seek Developer Support

The last thing you can do if the issue with the custom traits is not fixed at this stage is to contact the developers for help. Many issues can play a role in this problem, and if you’ve tried out all of the methods mentioned above, then seeking developer support is your best bet. All you need to do is to reach out to the experts and explain the issue to them. They will help you pinpoint the cause of this issue and also provide you with proper instructions on how to fix the traits.

So, just head over to the mod forums and try to create a support thread. Hopefully, you’ll get a quick response from the developers, and the issue with the traits not working in Sims 4 will be fixed for you.

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