How to Fix ‘’Your Message Was Moderated and Not Sent’’ Issue in Roblox

roblox your message was moderated and not sent
roblox your message was moderated and not sent

Roblox is a game that is played by millions all over the entire world. You’ll find players from many different countries and cultures playing the game on a daily basis, and you’ll also get to interact with them a lot depending on the type of place that you’re visiting in the game. One of the best things about Roblox is that it also has a chat feature that allows you to communicate with all these different players through text.

How to Fix Roblox ‘’Your Message Was Moderated and Not Sent’’ Issue

Whether you want to create private chat rooms or engage with players in chat while visiting a place, you’ll be able to do so easily. However, Roblox sometimes prevents players from doing so and displays a ‘’your message was moderated and cannot be sent’’. Here’s what to do if you’re also encountering this issue and cannot send a message in Roblox.

  1. Make Sure Your Message Is Appropriate

The very first thing that you have to do to fix this issue before you begin to troubleshoot and find solutions is to make sure that your message doesn’t include any sort of offensive or inappropriate content. Roblox is a platform that is primarily made for children from around the world to come together and play video games. Its developers aim to make it as safe and secure for children as possible, so any form of material offensive even in the slightest isn’t going to be tolerated.

If your message has any curse words, offensive language, or inappropriate talk included in it at all, it will be moderated and won’t be sent. It could be that this is what’s happening right now, so you should simply try to send a simple message like ‘’hi’’, ‘’hello’’, etc. to see if that gets sent without any issue. If it does, then the problem was that the message you’ve been trying to send is offensive. However, if even a simple message like that won’t send, here’s what to try.

  1. Try to Wait the Issue Out

If you’ve recently been reported or have sent a text that could’ve been reported, it is likely that you’ll continue to face this issue for a while. After you send or do something worthy of being reported and punished, Roblox might take away your chatting options for a while and you’ll likely encounter this issue whenever you send a message. A simple solution to this is to just wait for a few hours or possibly even a day, and then try to text again.

  1. Report the Issue

There are many cases where Roblox moderates and prevents even the most harmless texts from sending in chat. Many players weren’t even able to send something like ‘’Hi’’, ‘’how are you’’, and more of the sort as it kept getting moderated. It could be that this is exactly what’s happening to you. All you can do if the other two solutions didn’t work is to report the problem immediately and ask Roblox support to help you get back to chatting in the game again.

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  1. Roblox chat filter sucks. They keeps on censoring something that is not a bad word! Also did that to “I don’t shoot you” when I talk to my Roblox friend named “DoggoPeace”!

    They also censors “Kate is Awesome, Kate is Cool”! I changed my status, when I changed back to that, it censors my name like “#### is Awesome, Kate is Cool”! Roblox needs to stop censoring words and names for no reason!


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