Roblox: Sorry This Place Is Currently Under Review. Try Again Later (2 Fixes)

roblox sorry this place is currently under review. try again later
roblox sorry this place is currently under review. try again later

Roblox tries to keep its environment as safe as possible for players as it possibly can. This is why you’ll see that there are lots of guidelines for both players and creators of places alike. If creators don’t follow these guidelines and add something in their game that goes against said guidelines, their game will be put under review by Roblox.

Once this happens, the game will be blocked off from the public until the creator can get rid of all offensive material in the place and Roblox can confirm that there is nothing to worry about anymore. If you’re seeing this message a lot lately, here are a few things that you can do.

Roblox: Sorry This Place Is Currently Under Review. Try Again Later

First things first, if you’re just a player and are seeing this message when you try to launch a specific game, there’s nothing that you can really do about it. The game that you’re trying to play probably broke Roblox’s guidelines and is currently being reviewed, meaning that you’ll simply have to wait until it is cleared for public use again. However, if you’re a creator that’s game is the one which has been under review for a long and you keep seeing this message, here’s what you can do.

  1. Spot and Remove Any Violations

Make sure that you do a thorough search of your place to ensure that there is absolutely nothing that might go against the guidelines of Roblox. Even the smallest offense can put your game under review and players will no longer be able to play it. Take a close look at the guidelines and make sure that your place follows them perfectly. Something as small as putting a link somewhere in the description is enough to get yourself in trouble, even if you put the link there with good intention.

Once you find something that might go against the rules, remove it and Roblox might finally decide to take action. Once that happens, your game will finally be put out of the under review status and others will be able to play it again. If there is absolutely nothing wrong with your game and it follows all the guidelines but Roblox still has it under review, there’s only one thing left for you to try.

  1. Contact Roblox Support

After you’ve confirmed that your place is completely compliant with the guidelines and shouldn’t be in review any longer, you should contact Roblox support. Sometimes they keep games under review forever simply because they forget about them. This could’ve happened in your case. Contact them and urge them to clear the matter as quickly as possible since you’ve gotten rid of anything that might’ve gone against the rules. They should do so within a day or two and others should then be able to play your game again, meaning that the error will not occur again.

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