5 Best Roblox Myth Games You Should Try To Play

roblox myth games
roblox myth games

Roblox has always had a great selection of games for players to try out, and the best part is that there is always something for everyone out there. There are lots of games of every genre that you could think of in Roblox, and there’s quite a few which are great and definitely worth checking out. There are even some games that fall more on the disturbing and creepy side of things. While these games are mainly associated with the horror genre, there is a separate genre for a few specific ones. These games are known as myth games and are arguably the creepiest things that Roblox can offer you.

Myths are generally based around popular creepypasta or are original disturbing stories created by Roblox users. You could argue that a majority of these games aren’t as scary as they’re made out to be, but there’s no doubt that there’s a good chunk of them which are quite disturbing and horrific. We’re going to be discussing some of these great Roblox myth games today, so take a look at this list if you’re interested in learning more about a few of the best Roblox myth games which you should try out.

Best Roblox Myth Games

  1. Lezorious The Fallen King Who Rose



Lezorious The Fallen King Who Rose was originally known as Lezus and was created by a Roblox user that also had the name Lezus. Lezus is generally the only game that this user has created and it is based on a very popular Roblox myth. Lezus was supposedly the name of a young child that unfortunately passed away one day. The cause of death or any other information of the sort hasn’t been revealed but lots of players think that this game has something to do with it.

Once you start the game you’ll be put into a world where you’ll constantly hear the sound of a clock ticking. Players will be able to see the clock ticking as well, and it will eventually stop after ticking for a while. Once it stops ticking, players will be able to pass through. After this, you will get a message which just displays the words ‘’Tick Tock’’. The myth states that all those that see the message end up dead sometime in the near future.  It is a creepy game with a creepy story behind it that you should consider trying out.

  1. Davendrag


All the games on this list are obviously pretty creepy, as that what’s they’re meant to be. But this one, in particular, is definitely creepy, but rather strange as well. In fact, it is arguably one of the weirdest myth games that Roblox has to offer. Davendrag was created by Roblox user Jewk and transports players into a completely grey world which is devoid of all color. Even the people in this game are colorless and they have strange faces that only consist of x-rays of the head of a baby.

This alone is creepy enough, but there’s one major added twist. Davendrag allows you to get teleported into the story of a small girl that was abused a lot, which is considered the myth of this game. The rest is all part of the stories, and it is recommended that you check it out for yourself if you’re looking for great Roblox myth games rather than reading any spoilers that might ruin the fun.

  1. EDEN


EDEN is a game by popular Roblox user EmmettCult, popularly referred to as Emmett for short. Emmett is a part of the Cult Family, which is arguably the most famous myth in the entirety of Roblox. This entire family of users creates myth games for Roblox and EDEN is one of the said games. This game is based on a false sense of enlightenment which is provided by Emmett. It isn’t exactly that scary, but it is definitely a bit strange and creepy depending on how you look at it. You should definitely check out this as well as other myth games created by the Cult Family if you’re looking to try out some great Roblox myth games.


red styr

RED STYR is arguably the most horror-like game on this entire list. It is generally very scary because of the haunting environment. Players are trapped inside of a maze which is completely red like blood. It is extremely difficult to navigate around here and there. This is especially true thanks to the fact that the path behind you keeps changing as you move around, meaning that you’re in a new place with every step that you take. The thing which adds even further to the creepy, horrific feel of this game is the high-pitched sound playing in the background.

  1. The Old Shack

the old shack

The Old Shack is another great myth game that was created by a Roblox user of the same name. This game will actually start to hurt you in real life unless you turn down the volume. There is a disturbing sound of someone crying in the background and it is so high-pitched that you’ll start to feel pain unless you turn the volume down on your system. But that’s not even the creepiest part about this game. All you can see in this room is a completely white room and some furniture inside of it, along with a crib. It is assumed that the crying sound is coming from a baby left unattended inside the crib.

The most disturbing part is the figure which you’ll be able to see standing behind the window. The figure stays still but if you wait long enough, it will suddenly try to burst through the window in an attempt to get in. The crying will get increasingly louder, and then the figure will suddenly make one final and very strong attempt to break through the window. After all, this happens, nothing more will happen. The meaning behind this game is unknown and you should definitely give it a shot if you’re looking for some great myth games or horror games on Roblox.

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