6 Reasons Behind Razer Nari Ultimate Keeps Beeping

razer nari ultimate keeps beeping
razer nari ultimate keeps beeping

As you know, Razer is a multinational company that builds gaming accessories for gamers. Razer Nari Ultimate is a gaming headset used by gamers for their gaming stream or chat stream. However, some users hear a dread beep in their headset during streaming. These users do not know how to remove this beep from the headset. For this reason, a detailed guideline is given below with all the possible steps to remove the beep sound from the headset.

Razer Nari Ultimate Keeps Beeping

1. Changing Dongle To Different USB Ports

To remove the beep from the Razer Nari headset, you have to change the dongle to different USB ports on your PC. Maybe your dongle does not connect correctly with your headset.  Even after changing the dongle ports if you still hear the beep sound in your headset then there will be some other issue with the headset.

2. Completely Charge the Headset

The Razer Nari headset starts beeping when the charging of the headset goes down to 50 percent or below 50 percent. If you want to avoid this beeping sound then you have to keep the headset fully charged or at least more than 50 percent. If you still hear the beep, then it could be because of a software issue with the headset.

3. Updating Synapse to The Latest Version

On the other hand, to remove the beep you have to update the synapse of the headset to the latest version. This can be done by downloading the synapse installer from the official site of the razer. Then you can easily update it to the latest version. However, if you still hear the beep after the synapse update, then it may be the software issue with your dongle or headset.

4. Updating Firmware On Dongle and Headset to The Latest Version

Furthermore, you can remove the beeping sound from the headset by updating the firmware of your dongle and headset to the latest version. Maybe this beep is due to some kind of bug in the old firmware. You can update the old one by downloading it from an official site. Afterward, connect your dongle with your PC, then open the firmware installer, and wait for a few minutes. When you are done installing the latest version of firmware then connect the headset to the PC and then follow the same steps of installation for the dongle. If you still hear the beep, then it may be some hardware issue.

5. Connecting the Headset to the PC Via Included USB Cable

Furthermore, if you are still facing the beeping issue then you have to connect your headset with your PC directly via a USB cable which is included inside the Razer Nari box. After connecting through a USB cable, if you still hear the beeping sound then there is a possibility of some kind of technical issue in your headphone.

6. Hardware

Aside from connecting the Razer Nari via USB, if you still hear the beeping sound then there is a problem with the hardware. You can fix this problem by contacting technical support and they will replace the headset if it is under warranty.

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