5 Steps To Fixing Payday 2 Cursor Not Working

payday 2 cursor not working
payday 2 cursor not working

It can be quite frustrating to have your cursor not working while in-game. As the cursor is an important element of launching and playing any game, if it stops working for some reason, you will not be able to play the game at all. Regarding this, we have seen a lot of Payday 2 players report having their cursor not working. In case you are also experiencing the very same issue, then this article should be of great help to you! Using the article, we will be listing all possible solutions to fixing this particular issue. So, let’s get right into it!

Payday 2 Cursor Not Working

1. Running the Game as Administrator

The very first thing that you can do to troubleshoot the problem is to make sure that you are running the application as an administrator. Certain applications running in the background can often cause your game to not have the required permission to execute as it should.

However, running the application as an admin should help overwrite any such permission issues.

2. Restarting Uplay

Plenty of users has also stated that closing and restarting their Uplay helped them resolve the cursor problem. But before you restart any of these applications, we recommend that you restart your Steam as well.

First, make sure that you fully close the game. Afterward, proceed with restarting both Uplay and Steam. Once all these applications have successfully run, you can then try running the game again to see if it has any effect.

3. Restarting Your PC

If restarting your Uplay didn’t help, then you can try restarting your whole system instead. This will restart most of the processes that might be causing your cursor to start acting up all of a sudden.

4. Disabling In-Game Overlay

Even though most users like to use the in-game overlay feature on Discord, it is known to cause all sorts of issues for users. This is why we recommend that you have the option disabled.

In case you aren’t aware of how you can disable the option; you will have to simply navigate to your Discord settings. Under the Game Overlay tab, there should be an option for enabling in-game overlay. Just make sure that you have this option disabled.

5. Closing Discord

It is also possible that Discord might be causing issues to run with your game. If that is so, then we recommend that you try closing Discord while running the game.

The Bottom Line:

Having your Cursor not working in games like Payday 2 is pretty common. Often, Discord can cause certain issues to pop up with your game, especially if you have options like in-game overlay enabled. This is why it is strongly advised that you have this feature disabled while playing any game.

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