6 Methods To Solve Lost ARK Area Chat Not Working

lost ark area chat not working
lost ark area chat not working

Lost ARK brings hundreds of hours of fresh content to the players, and you will enjoy amazing gameplay after you hit level 50. This game can be a bit bland at first, but the end-game content is well worth the grind. So, make sure to grind through the first fifty levels and keep grinding through the end-game content.

You can easily cooperate with other members by using the area chat features. However, some players have been struggling to get the area chat to work properly in some regions. So, here are some fixes to help you through these complications.

Fixing Lost ARK Area Chat Not Working:

  1. Try Relaunching The Client

The simplest fix to this situation is to simply restart the client and then try accessing the same region to start the area chat. If the serves are not bugged, simply relaunching the client will do the trick. So, open up the task manager and remove all the tasks related to the Steam client and then start up the client one more time to access the game.

  1. Update Chat Filters

Updating the chat filters is the next thing that you need to consider when the Lost ARK area chat is not working. You need to first disable the area chat and then enable the area chat after a few minutes of activity. Hopefully, that will refresh the chat logs, and you will be able to send region messages.

  1. Reboot Your System

At this point, you should just reboot your system. It might be just a minor launch error, and there is no harm in rebooting your system. All you need to do is to turn off your system and then turn it on after a few moments. Mostly that is enough to help with the Lost ARK area chat issues.

  1. Disable Community Chat & Guide

Most players pointed out that this issue with the game was related to the spam from the community and the guide chat. So, to narrow down the problem, just turn off both these chat options and then check the response from your game one more time. The area chat should present itself in the chat logs at this point.

  1. Check Server Status

The server status might also be behind this issue with the game, and you need to make sure that the servers are working perfectly to find the exact reason behind the area chat not working. You can reach out to the official support to inquire about the server status, and they will guide you accordingly on the chat issues.

  1. Change Region

Sometimes, the fix is as simple as changing the region and then cycling back to the same region. So, if you’ve yet to fix the issue, just try the area chat in a different region. It will take a bit more of your time, but at this stage, you’re not left with many options. So, simply test out a different region and then submit a support ticket if the issue remains unfixed.

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