Life Is Strange True Colors HDR Not Working? (4 Fixes)

life is strange true colors hdr not working
life is strange true colors hdr not working

Life is strange: true colors HDR is not working for many users recently. An HDR, also known as a High Dynamic Range, is used to enhance the gaming experience. If you prefer gaming in HDR, here’s how you can fix it.

Life Is Strange True Colors HDR Not Working:

  1. Check the Auto Settings

The primary reason why the HDR is not working with Life is strange; True Colour addition is the auto reset bug. Even though users select the HDR working option, the settings get undone automatically. This leads to severe inconvenience for many players.

To avoid a glitch of this sort, it is advisable to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. While reinstalling it, go to the settings and ensure the HDR settings are activated. Once the settings are adequately set, then run the gaming process. This may not be a foolproof trick because, at times, the system automatically switches off the HDR; in that situation, you’ll have to pause the game and uncheck the disabled box.

  1. Use Updated Drivers

Using updated drivers is essential to enhance one’s gaming experience. An outdated driver sometimes leads to unnecessary glitches that can be easily avoided. I always prefer using updated disk drivers and ones that are compatible with your setup. This way, you can access fast processing.

An updated driver helps with setup maintenance and ensures overall health and efficiency. To put it briefly, it is certainly not an aspect one should compromise on.

  1. Disable Antivirus firewalls

Sometimes an antivirus interferes with gaming features. If you’ve recently faced these issues, it could be because your antivirus is no longer compatible with the game you’re playing. To figure out the problem-causing aspect, try disabling each firewall one after the other and see if the issue resolves. Through this strategy, you’ll be able to identify the firewall hindering HDR from working.

Once you’ve identified the firewall, disable it every time you begin playing. Another option is to download an antivirus compatible with the game you’re playing.

  1. Change Display resolutions

Changing the display resolution helps fix most display issues. If the HDR is not working, you can try changing the display resolutions from high to new. Once the recent resolution changes are effective, the HDR might start working.

Another thing you can try is changing the display resolution to a slightly higher resolution instead of a lower resolution—the greater the resolution, the better the display.

Bottom Line : 

Life is strange: True Colours has an internal bug that gets in the way of HDR working. The developers are claiming to work on it, and no statement has been officially released. Some of the tricks, as mentioned earlier, seemed to work for a few players.

The game itself is brilliantly assembled and is a unique experience to play. If you don’t have a few display glitches, focus on enjoying the game instead. While some players refuse to compromise on a poorly functioning HDR, if you’re one of them, give the game a little break, and let’s wait for an official recovery program.

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