4 Methods To Solve Life Is Strange Mouse Not Working

life is strange mouse not working
life is strange mouse not working

If you’re struggling with your mouse not working while playing Life is strange, and you’re on the verge of giving up, then you’ve certainly found yourself the right article. Here’s everything you can do to fix it; follow the step-by-step guide below.

Fixing Life Is Strange Mouse Not Working:

  1. Make sure the computer recognizes the mouse

If you change the mouse without changing the settings, the computer fails to recognize it. To avoid an issue of this sort, make sure you delete the old mouse setting. Once you’ve deleted the previous settings, please insert the new mouse, and wait for the system to recognize it.

After the system is familiar with the new mouse, start the gaming process. The devices you insert into your setup must be compatible with the games you play; otherwise, you’ll struggle to operate all features. For a smooth gaming experience, read up on device compatibility before making a purchase.

  1. Change mouse settings 

In issues like these, more than usual, the problem is with the mouse and not the setup. There are a few ways you can figure that out. First, make sure whether the setup only fails to recognize the cursor while you’re playing Life is strange, or does the issue also occur when you’re usually operating the system?

If the problem only arises during the game, turn the acceleration off. You’ll have to go to the control panel, then Hardware and Sound, and from there, select the mouse. Select the pointer options and make sure to uncheck Enhance Pointer Precision. Apply the newly configured settings and see if the problem gets solved.

On the other hand, if the system fails to recognize the mouse while operating the setup outside the game, consider changing your mouse. A poorly compatible output device ends up causing such glitches.

  1. Ensure stream compatibility

Many users rarely change their DPI settings and hence end up in situations where the system fails to recognize the mouse. You can fix this issue by closing the game and the stream. Afterward, open the stream.exe and search for properties, then select compatibility. Disable display scaling on high DPI from the compatibility option and apply the new settings.

Once the new settings are adequate, the DPI will be set to 125%, automatically solving the issue you’re facing and giving you a clear display.

  1. Turn off Mouse Management for Windows 10

A minor cursor inconvenience is expected if you’re using the latest windows, specifically windows 10. If you’re using Windows 10, here’s what you can do to solve the mouse issue. To put it briefly, windows 10 disables some essential features to put your PC in a power-saving mode. As a result of this power-saving tactic, the wireless mouse gets disabled automatically.

You can make sure you always activate it back on from the settings when you resume playing. The mouse rarely gets disabled while playing a match; however, if you take long breaks between each match, the system might go into power-saving mode and disable the mouse.

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