Life Is Strange Is Not Saving? (4 Things To Do)

life is strange not saving
life is strange not saving

Life is strange is a popular episodic adventure game. It allows players ample access to several episodes that stretch over multiple tasks. The game is divided into stages, and because of its extensive levels, you cannot complete it in a short period. Many users prefer playing it with breaks in between and resuming from where they left as the game gets saved when you pause it.

Speaking of which, recently, many players have been struggling because Life is strange is no longer saving. If you’re struggling with something similar, we advise you to follow the following steps.

Life Is Strange Not Saving Fix:

  1. Clear your Hard Drive Space

Lack of hard drive space leads to failure in saving games. Ensure that you have ample space in your hard drive. Deleting unnecessary storage is recommended for your setup’s efficient functioning.

At times, a crammed-up hard drive can lead to an undesirable lag in the system. To avoid any unnecessary delays, try regularly clearing up your hard drive.

  1. Upgrade your Windows 

An outdated Windows is a threat to every gaming setup. Not only is the system vulnerable to cyber attacks, but there’s evident slowing of the system. Software bugs and system failures are commonly encountered when using downgraded windows.

Additional features get disabled and simple tasks like saving a game become difficult. One of the reasons why Life is strange is not saving could be because you’re still running outdated windows n your system.

  1. Play in the Safe Mode

Many players have experienced easy access to saving a game when playing in the safe mode. When playing in a safe mode, various features are disabled, and the game is run at its most essential attributes. Playing in the safe mode is a tried and tested trick to eliminate unnecessary gaming bugs.

A safe mode helps you identify a malware or software glitch in your system. When all additional servers are drivers are disabled, it leads to less load on the system. If you can smoothie run the game in the safe mode, it is self-explanatory of a bug affecting the game on standard settings.

  1. Run as an Admin

Running the game as admin allows accessibility of administrative powers. Go to the game settings and make sure you select run as administrator. Once you have adequate administrative controls, you can easily save the game.

Here’s what the developers have to say : 

The tricks mentioned above seem to work for a few users. However, it is critical to realize that the Not-saving glitch is internal. It’s a flaw on the developers’ end, and they know this leads to a lot of nuisance.

Many players prefer pausing the game and resuming from back to where they left. The absence of a saving mode makes the gaming experience very unpleasant. However, the developers say that important information is still being protected despite a glitch in saving mode. Like when a chapter is completed or when artifacts or memories are discovered. Similarly, essential information is backed up when dialect choices and significant choices are made.

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