League of Legends Mouse Buttons Not Working: 6 Fixes

League of Legends Mouse Buttons Not Working
League of Legends Mouse Buttons Not Working

If you regularly play League of Legends, there’s no doubt you already know about just how fun and challenging this game can be. This challenge can also cause frustration though, which is a big reason why so many players don’t like LoL. However, that’s not the only source of frustration when playing this game. Another angering thing about this game is that there are common problems with it that one might run into while playing. One of the worst issues of all is when your mouse buttons are not working while playing League of Legends. If this has already happened to you and you want to prevent it from happening in future matches, read the tips we’ve shared here.

Troubleshooting the League of Legends Mouse Buttons Not Working

1. Settings

This problem can pop up due to the mouse settings. You can fix this problem by going to the windows control panel. After that click the hardware and sound settings. Then click the pointer option in the mouse settings. In the mouse settings, click on the pointer option and change settings to hide the pointer when you are typing. By doing this, the problem will be fixed.

2. Drivers

On the other hand, if the mouse buttons are still not working in the League of Legends then the mouse drivers might be the reason behind this problem. In this case, update the drivers via the internet to troubleshoot this issue.

3. Reset the Mouse

Moreover, the mouse buttons problem in the League of Legends can also pop up if there is a lot of load on the port. In this case, remove all the external devices from the ports and restart the computer. By doing this, it is quite likely that the mouse buttons problem will be fixed.

4. Restart the Console

Aside from resetting the mouse, you can also troubleshoot this problem by restarting the console on which you are playing this game. It is because, if there is any glitch then the mouse buttons will not respond and you will face this problem. Therefore, restart the console to fix this problem permanently.

5. Update the Console Drivers

You can also experience such problems if the console drivers are outdated. Thus, check for the latest drivers that are available online. Then download, and install them. By doing this, the glitch and the bugs will be fixed and the mouse buttons will start working.

6. Hardware issue

Even after attempting all of the steps given above if you are still stuck in the same problem then the mouse hardware can be faulty. If this is the case, then claim the warranty of the mouse and the company will replace it.


By attempting the above-mentioned steps, the mouse buttons problem should fix easily. Just remember all of the tips that we have shared here and you won’t be running into any issues with your mouse while playing the game in the near future.

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