Smite: Internal Error Connecting To Hi-Rez Service (3 Ways To Fix)

internal error connecting to hi-rez service smite
internal error connecting to hi-rez service smite

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Internal Error Connecting To Hi-Rez Service Smite

Smite players have recently mentioned problems with connecting with Hi-Rez services. If you are also unable to access the online servers then follow these solutions.

  1. Check Server Status

Before trying any troubleshooting methods, you should start by checking the server status on the Hi-Rez website. You can use your browser to look up the server status and then access the Hi-Rez official page to see if all servers are operational or not. You can find the status update next to the game titles issued by Hi-Rez.

If the server status for Smite is offline or under maintenance, then you will have to wait until the servers are operational again. There are no methods that can be used to fix your game if the servers are offline. You will have to wait out the maintenance break. However, if the servers are operational and you’re getting this error then you should move on to the next step mentioned here.

  1. Reinstall Hi-Rez Services

The most efficient method that can be used to fix the Hi-Rez services is by reinstalling them. However, it would be better if you can try some general troubleshooting steps first. Like checking your internet connection and restarting your router.

Next, you can reboot the Steam client and your PC to test your luck. If you’re still having the internal error while connecting to the Hi-Rez services then you should go ahead and reinstall the service package.

To do that, you should first remove the Hi-Rez studios file from your program files x86 folder. After removing the file from the C drive, you can access your Smite game folder to reinstall the services. You will need to navigate to the Redist folder and find the Hi-Rez services executable file. You can run this file to reinstall the Hi-Rez services on your computer. Hopefully, you won’t have any trouble with the services after reinstalling them.

  1. Reinstall Smite

If you are not sure how to reinstall the services then you can also fix this connection problem by reinstalling the whole game. It might take a bit longer but it is almost a surefire method that will help you connect with the Hi-Rez services again.

So, if nothing else works then reinstall the game and that will fix the Hi-Rez connection error for you. Other than that, you are also free to refer to the customer support section and they will guide you more effectively. Community channels can also prove to be quite useful during these issues.

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