3 Ways To Fix Dead By Daylight Error Code 8013

dead by daylight error code 8013
dead by daylight error code 8013

If you want to improve as a survivor in this game then you will have to keep track of the sound cues. Keep in mind that as the killer gets closer to your character you will start hearing the sound of a heartbeat. However, there are some killers with stealth ability. Meaning that you won’t hear anything even if you’re in the radius of the killer. So, to stay alive it is best to minimize the noise made by your character.

Dead By Daylight Error Code 8013

Dead By Daylight players have recently been experiencing problems with connecting to online services. So, if you’re unable to connect to servers and keep getting error code 8013 then try these solutions.

  1. Check Network

A few basic methods like checking the network connection, power cycling router, checking firewall settings can help when you’re experiencing issues connecting with the online services. So, make sure to go through these steps first to isolate the problem. Ideally, if the issue is related to your network, then refreshing the connection should allow you to fix the problem.

Along with that, try going into your windows settings to check your firewall and also remove any antivirus programs that you’re running in the background. That should allow you to play Dead by Daylight again if the issue was related to a faulty connection.

  1. Reinstall EAC

After ensuring that the issue is not related to a faulty connection, you should check the easy anti-cheat program to see if it is working properly. According to other players, the easy anti-cheat can create problems while you’re trying to connect to the online services. The main purpose of this program is to keep the game safe from hackers. However, you can still experience some problems related to EAC even if you’re not hacking.

So, if you’re sure that your network is working properly, try to reinstall EAC on your PC. Several methods can be used to remove EAC and install it again. You can start by deleting the EAC folder from your game files or uninstalling the EAC from the EAC executable file. In any case, after removing the EAC you can validate your game files to reinstall this program or use the executable file again. After the EAC is working properly, you won’t have any issues with accessing the servers and you will be able to join online lobbies.

  1. Remove Monitoring Programs

Even if your EAC is working properly, some monitoring programs can cause issues with this anti-cheat software. So, if you have any monitoring programs or any other third-party application running in the background then you need to close that application first. Otherwise, the EAC will think that you are trying to cheat and it won’t let you connect to the online servers.

Usually, the error 8013 is fixed by reinstalling EAC but if you can’t seem to get around this problem the try going to community forums and asking other players for help. But hopefully, you won’t have to bother with any other solution and your game will start working after reinstalling easy anti-cheat with your game.

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