HyperX Cloud Revolver vs Revolver S – What’s The Difference?

hyperx cloud revolver vs revolver s
hyperx cloud revolver vs revolver s

The HyperX Revolver and the Revolver S both headsets are used for gaming purposes. The users also use these headsets to listen to songs because of their high-quality sound. If you want to purchase any of these two headsets, then a detailed comparison is given below which will help you to make a perfect decision.

HyperX Cloud Revolver vs Revolver S Comparison

The comparison between the HyperX Revolver and the Revolver S is given below.

1. Frame

The HyperX Cloud Revolver and the Revolver S both headsets have metal frames. However, the metal frame of the Cloud Revolver vibrates which can be felt by tapping on the frame. In contrast, the Revolver S frame does not have any vibration because it has two rubber gas kits installed in it. As a result of these gas kits, the frame does not vibrate.

2. Design

The design also plays a major role in a headset because if the headset is simple the users usually do not like it. Therefore, if you also want a headset that looks modern then the HyperX Revolver is the one. It is because the HyperX Revolver has red highlights on it that give it a modern touch. However, the Revolver S has white highlights which users do not prefer that much as compared to the red ones. However, it is up to you which headset you want to purchase.

3. Microphone

Both headphones are equipped with the best microphone quality. Moreover, the microphones of these headphones are detachable. Due to this feature, you can use these headsets for gaming, listening to songs, and online streaming. As we know, both headsets have the same microphone features so you can buy any according to your preferences.

4. Comfort

Comfort is one of the major factors you should consider before buying a headset. It is because, if the headset is not comfortable then you cannot wear it for longer periods. However, if the headset is comfortable then you will enjoy the audio for longer durations. In this case, both the headsets are the same because they have the same padding in the ear cups and the headband. Therefore, you can consider any headset among these two if comfort is the concern.

5. Sound

Talking about the sound quality of both headsets. The HyperX Revolver S has a surround sound feature which is better than the HyperX Revolver. The users enjoy this feature a lot when they listen to songs. The HyperX Revolver S and the Revolver both headsets have almost the same sound quality during a game. However, the Revolver S gets a plus point when you listen to songs. Therefore, if you want to buy a headset between these two for gaming then you can consider any but if you want to buy a headset to listen to songs then you should consider the HyperX Revolver S.

6. Connection

The HyperX Revolver and the Revolver S are wired headsets. They do not support wireless connections. Moreover, connecting these headsets with any device is a simple process. You just have to plug in the cable and you will be able to hear the audio in the speakers.

7. Cable

Furthermore, it is necessary to always pick the headset which has easy controls. The HyperX Revolver S has controls on the cable through which you can control the audio. You can also control the Dolby mode through that cable. Therefore, if convenience is the concern then the HyperX Revolver S is the best choice.

8. Price

People always check the price before making a purchase decision. If you are also concerned about the price of these headphones, then both fall almost in the same price bracket. Hence, you can consider any headset if you are concerned about the price.


You should know these few things before buying a headset. As we know, all the specifications and the features of both headsets are the same. Therefore, you can buy any headset among these two. On the other hand, if you are considering a modern headset then the HyperX Revolver is the one because it has red highlights that look aesthetically pleasing. However, it is totally up to you which headset you want to consider after reading the article given above.

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