3 Ways To Fix Hacknet Invidability Error

hacknet invidability error
hacknet invidability error

Hacknet is a game with which not many are familiar. It is one of many lesser-known games available for PC, but the lack of popularity certainly isn’t any kind of indication regarding its quality. It is easily one of the most unique games to have been released in current history, which is evident when users take a look at the gameplay it offers.

Instead of being an open-world game, a fancy shooter, a visual novel, or anything else of the sort which one might think of, this is something entirely different in every single way.

That’s because Hacknet, as the game very much suggests, is all about hacking. Players are put in front of a module that they can use to get to a number of different devices and hack them for information which then allows them to progress the story further. While hacking in the game, users might encounter an error with the game.

This is the Hacknet Invidability error which actually isn’t a problem with the game but a gameplay feature. Regardless of that, here’s how to get around the error through these easy solutions.

A Guide for Solving the Hacknet Invidability Error

  1. Find a New Server

As already mentioned, this is a gameplay feature and not really an issue with the game. That knowledge might lead many to believe that this is something that can easily be gotten rid of if they know what they need to do. This is absolutely correct, as there are certainly ways to get past this issue.

The first solution which we recommend for it regardless of what server you’re facing this issue with and what part of the story you’re facing it on is to just find a new server. There will likely be other options along with the one users are currently focusing on.

Try out any of these other errors and get past them in order to see if they also provide the inviolability error. If they do, simply keep looking for one that doesn’t. It is very likely users will eventually find one that works properly and this is the one that they need to work on hacking.

Once they do this, doors to the other servers providing the opening for getting through this error. So to answer the question, the best method of hacking one’s way through these servers that have an error message like this one is to work your way around them through other similar servers without the error.

  1. Look for Other Ways Around

Don’t dwell on the error for too long or look for ways to fix it. In some cases, the inviolability error is simply there to stay and can’t be gotten through until users have performed a specific action in the game. Most of the time this specific action is what we mentioned in the previous solution, using different servers to open the door to the one with the error. However, there are other solutions too if that specific one doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, there’s not much help we can provide without mentioning heavy spoilers, since these different solutions are usually related to what’s going on in the story as of now. But if you’re looking for tips, we recommend carefully examining the current situation and where you are in the campaign at this moment, as both these things will likely make the solution clear as day. In short, there are specific solutions in each specific case, and finding them is up to you by yourself or through the solution below.

  1. Walkthroughs

If you’re not looking for solutions and just wish to get rid of the inviolability error as quickly as possible, the last thing worth trying is looking up walkthroughs for the specific level players are stuck at. The reason why this isn’t really recommended is that it ruins the point of the game, which is to focus on the difficulties of hacking and overcoming them. But if users feel that this is the best and/or only way to get rid of the error in this specific case then there are many gameplay guides available on the game’s official wiki page which will surely help.

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