4 Most Common FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Problems

fifa 22 pro clubs problems
fifa 22 pro clubs problems

With the addition of the latest installment in the FIFA series, fans have anticipated the improvements in Pro Clubs mode that brings in innovation to how we’ve enjoyed playing the game. However, even with FIFA 22, we have noticed plenty of users facing problems with this particular game mode.

This raises the question of how they are supposed to fix issues like these. To help such users learn to troubleshoot problems with the Pro Clubs, we will be listing some of the most effective solutions that you can try out. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Common FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Problems:

  1. Losing Your Game Levels

The most common problem that you are bound to run into in this specific game mode is to lose your level in-game. Currently, there have been plenty of players who have complained about receiving an XP bug that has caused an outrage in the community.

According to the players who were on the receiving end of the issue, they seemed to level up pretty quickly. As a result, most of the players breezed through the earlier stages of levels. However, EA recently rolled an update in which they made most of the players lose all that excess XP.

This resulted in most of the players losing whatever progress they made during the bug. Still, most users were still happy with the outcome as they will still get to keep most of the items they managed to salvage. But needless to mention that all of the progress made during this bug period will be wiped out.

  1. Graphics Getting Too Buggy

Another common issue that you will often hear about is the graphics getting bugged out on certain occasions. More specifically, whenever the stadium’s being shown, players have reported seeing all the graphics being glitched which ruins their gameplay experience for a while.

To fix this problem, it is suggested to try changing the stadium which should be able to clear out the bug. However, if the issue persists, then you will have to try adjusting the settings of your game. To be more specific, you will have to turn off the Gamma-ray burst setting.

Though if the issue remains, then your only other option would be to reach out to the support team for help. After you have issued a ticket, they will get back to you with whatever’s causing the problem.

  1. Stuck On Matchmaking

Possibly the most annoying issue with Pro Clubs is the infinite loop that you will get stuck in while searching for any match. Players who have encountered this problem mentioned how some of them even tried waiting hours just to keep getting a message about “No Game Found”.

Unfortunately, what’s even worse is that there really isn’t a fix to this problem as this seems to be a server-side issue. As a result, there is no guarantee that you can get this fixed. However, a few things that you can still try is to restart your game or try restarting your network.

You can also try connecting to a different network to see if that works.

  1. Incorrect Matchmaking

Some players have also complained about getting an issue where they were placed against a really high-level player. While the game is still technically playable, beginners had no way of enjoying the game mode because of how poor the matchmaking was.

Just like the issue mentioned beforehand, there isn’t any fix to this problem as well. If you do end up facing this issue on your end, all you can do is hope for the development team to get this resolved.

The Bottom Line:

While we were hoping for plenty of improvements in the Pro Club mode in FIFA 22, the model still seems to be absolutely filled with problems. Above, you should be able to find some of the most common problems that you can end up running into. So, be sure to give the article a thorough read!

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